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  1. He's not even being bigoted towards them. He's saying he doesn't need their permission or have an obligation to defer to them on the subject. I'm kinda with the transphobe guy on this one.

  2. No, even he admitted Zlatan is on another level. And Nordahl was a better striker than Henrik by all measurements. Torbjörn Nilsson, Ove Kindvall and Tomas Brolin (at his best) are arguably better as well.

  3. I do think Zlatan is better but Henrik was famous for being very generous. I think he had played in the Premier League instead of the SPL for most of his career, Larsson would be thought of a lot more highly

  4. It wasn’t, one person tried to sue separately and dropped the case and 2 of the criminal complaints came from women not involved in the suit, so it’s at least 25

  5. There is also a 26th accuser who only spoke to Sports Illustrated and is not involved in any legal proceedings

  6. Man I love playing tall with vassals, makes me feel like Germany in both world wars, where all my “allies” are shit and I’m the only competent one.

  7. the Empire of Japan fought far harder and was much harder to overcome for the Allies than the bitch-ass retreating Nazis

  8. That wasn't even the most embarrassing season in 2017 by a team with New York in the name

  9. I despise the burgundian Inheritance. If you're trying for it, don't EVER let them propose the royal marriage. I get that it's hard to fix, but RMs break when the proposing country's ruler dies, so if you forget this and just accept their automatic offer of marriage, you're not eligible for the BI. Learned this one the hard way.

  10. Doing your part to bolster Boston's reputation as a city full of white racist crybabies, I see

  11. Want a real challenge? Play as Delhi and conquer all of India.

  12. co-sign, this was one of my favorite ever runs and the one that convinced me to love Islam

  13. I have 1400 hours and have never been close to a world conquest. How do you do one?

  14. the secret ingredient is a high tolerance for boredom, because by the end of the game you're just clicking and pointing repeatedly and waiting for provinces to core and truces to time out and rinsing and repeating

  15. Yeah, that somebody cried. It doesn't corroborate any allegations.

  16. It matches the story told by the witness in question. Deshaun has claimed the allegations are false, yet now he is saying part of the allegation is true. This is absolutely material to how we judge who is telling the truth

  17. I think he's guilty. But just wondering if you are prepared to lie and deny everything else why admit to to making someone cry?

  18. He made a mistake, which liars often do because it is hard to maintain the same lie over multiple iterations of the same story, whereas people invariably stick to and repeat the truth as they see it

  19. Cap continues to increase and GMs are always good at moving money around to clear space.

  20. That’s not how cap works. The raiders are gonna Derek Carr $40 million a year. So by your logic, that’s their entire cap. But somehow they also have the highest paid WR. They’ll be fine on cap

  21. From the bottom of my heart, fuck you NFL. You really had to hurt me immediately with this fucking clip.

  22. I was all set to get mad at Matt Patricia for this until I realized we still had Caldwell and Teryl Austin in 2017. What an awful season

  23. Teryl Austin was so so as a DC after we lost Suh etc and Caldwell would still mismanage personnel changes and the amount of people on the field.

  24. I think he was downright bad as a DC when he didn't have a dominant defensive line to work with, but Martin Mayhew gave him next to nobody to work with

  25. As good as the Bills have gotten, ask any Bills fan, they are not secure about their reign at the top as long as Bill Belichick exists. Patriots with a rookie QB were only 1 win behind the Bills last year, so it isn't like the Bills have some death grip on the division, they're barely holding on.

  26. Bills also shutout the Patriots in 2003, only to be shutout by the Pats later that year. Any given Sunday. They also lost to the Pats in Buffalo earlier last year. Pretty sure the Bills have a few wins against the Pats in super bowl winning years.

  27. The Bills crushed the Patriots twice last year and demonstrated their was a clear gulf in class between the two teams. It took freaky weather for the Pats to even compete with the Bills. In normal conditions, they were severely outclassed.

  28. Sterling Tattoo Club in Concord, New Hampshire

  29. That’s the best you got little brain? What you trying to flex thinking you’re a real doctor or something. 🤡

  30. I have read all the accusations, he is accused of sexual misconduct but not rape. Not once. He is lucky it’s just a civil cases because of this.

  31. lol "rape" is not a legal category in Texas, it's just blanket sexual assault, but by the widely understood definition of rape, he has been accused of raping multiple woman. He faced criminal charges! I cannot fucking believe how dense Browns fans are about this guy.

  32. No, but I tried as Burgundy did not rival me. Charles was still alive when I got to 100 provinces

  33. Good call on the espionage. Wouldn't have considered it to be honest.

  34. Yeah the bottlenecks I dealt with were aggressive expansion and coring distance. Espionage helped with the former and France's high vassal limit helped with the latter

  35. Don't take Religious ideas any time after the third idea group. Either take them early or not at all, as the benefit of the Holy War CB is eclipsed quickly by Imperialism by mid game

  36. It's all awful, I'm not meaning to single out Patricia, but I just hate the hypocrisy that goes on with people hating the browns specifically. Go deep enough with any team (in almost any sport) large corporation, etc you'll find this stuff. For the NFL if you watch any team you're hoping viewership numbers which gives money directly to the owners which allows them to pay their players/coaches ..like Watson, Patricia, and a lot of other terrible people. You can't support one without supporting them all.

  37. everyone fucking hates Matt Patricia, including plenty of Pats fans, this isn't some kind of revalatory point. Touch grass homie

  38. Who’s that? Sure as hell isn’t Goff

  39. Baker Mayfield has never in his career come close to playing as well as Jared Goff's best performances, and Goff is also drama-free

  40. fellas,, is it bad to have a belief system that gives people hope and sense of meaning?

  41. 34 is a significantly bigger haul than 98, 120, 124, 162, and 166 combined. The Vikings moved down further, but they received way more. When you say things like "Kwesi got bad value relative to the other trades who were able to extract significantly more" and then you turn around and say the trades aren't comparable (which I agree they aren't), it's kinda confusing.

  42. I also left out that he got 66 as well. I never claimed 34 was the only part of the deal.

  43. not according to literally any of the trade charts you all use to cope with how badly your rookie GM got fleeced

  44. The only package trade up we should be considering is the one that lands us Will Anderson. What he will do for hutch and the rest of this defense trumps what one of these potentially good qb’s coming out this year would do for us. He makes hutch elite and between the two of them, our defense best in show.

  45. The week after this game the Bears held the Rams to two field goals and won the game 15-6 lol

  46. he had a habit of getting way too fucking excited about everything, but this was the perfect game for him because all you could do was go WOW

  47. With all due respect to Lions fans (wow, just wow - two 30 years streaks), Saints fans really suffered badly as 1967 was the first year of the Saints' existence. I was a boy then so for almost of my childhood and into my 40s, the Saints didn't win a playoff game. In those days, we didn't even dream about a Super Bowl win.

  48. Nah, you don't want to listen to them blindly but every so often they have a point. In this case for example the only reason a company can get away with charging $1000 a month for insulin is that anyone who wants to compete with them has to spend massive amounts of money convincing the FDA to let them. If anyone with a few million dollars could start up a rival insulin company the price would plummet.

  49. lol how you managed to twist a complete lack of regulation of the pharmaceutical industry into "actually this is a statist monopoly" is beyond me but thanks for proving my point about libertarians

  50. If you try to set up your own company selling insulin for cheaper the government will literally come in and shut you down. If you don't listen when their lawyers ask nicely they will send men with guns. How you manage to twist that into "a complete lack of regulation" is beyond me.

  51. That's not regulation, that's gangster capitalism which is the result of excessive libertarianism. The free market always leads to runaway monopolies

  52. +2 from the criminal case & that one who spoke with SI brings it up to 26.

  53. Oh I thought the SI one was the 23rd! So if there were two new accusers on the criminal case, then he has 25

  54. SI accuser is different than the 23rd civil suit that pulled out before they had to reveal names

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