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  1. I know I am late, but holy shit that's my platoon sargeant.

  2. Enterprise should be reserved for a science ship. Who's mission is to explore strange new worlds To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no man has gone before!

  3. The enterprise in ST ToS was not a science ship. It was the latest cruiser design of the UFP designed to protect the neutral zone and take on the Romulans.

  4. OK so it needs to be an improvised science ship then

  5. Well parts of France (Northern France, Belgium, west bank of the Rhine, etc.)

  6. I know I was just natural-borders posting

  7. Anyone who runs, is an Ayy. Anyone who stands still, is a well-disciplined Ayy!

  8. If the MGS is being retired why not send them those?

  9. Hnnng colonel, I'm fighting in Ukraine, but the clap of my asscheecks keeps alerting the conscripts.

  10. Anywhere the wind blows, doesn't really matter...

  11. Funnily enough the first ever justification of genocide was written by the Teutons against Polish people:

  12. Fucking hell Germany... Like Jesus Christ...

  13. Too bad the French never succeeded in their attempt to decimatize time.

  14. Did they turn a black woman white to get her to accept France?

  15. Ah, the Neutral Evil run, with emphasis on the Evil this time.

  16. I’ve never enjoyed the game more than seeing my dynasty finally pull their goddamn weight during the new House Feud mechanic.

  17. Not with the new mechanics, but seeing the Heasteining-Waldeck cadet branch i planted in Germany become dukes while I was fucking around in the middle east was very satisfying.

  18. After the Canadian war and subsequent annexation of new territory and the liberation of Quebec, Ohio repatriated ethnic Quebecois from Ohioan lands to Quebec.

  19. Bro just forced a Nation to starve to death on the Canadian shield

  20. Well, they created it themselves during one of their meetups.

  21. Erfurt invisible latrine disaster moment

  22. Waaayyy too few slurs to be a Wilson quote

  23. The Holocaust was not racist. Jews are not a race. There are ethnic groups under the Jewish umbrella. A religion is something that you can choose to join or choose to walk away from. Race is not something you can choose to join nor choose to walk away from. Hope this clears things up.

  24. Jews were quite literally classified as a racial group and Christians were killed because they were considered Jewish.

  25. Jews were quite incorrectly classified as a racial group. There. All better now. Argue about something that can't be easily disproven next time.

  26. I agree it was incorrect that doesn't mean the motive behind it wasn't racist

  27. How about we just sink the entire landmass into the sea?

  28. To use Jaybean's wonderful wording. That's the Virgin path, the Chad path is Innsya and other planes and planets, and we should always follow the chad path if we have the choice.

  29. I hope they don't cuz that mod is never going to be finished

  30. Something something winds of winter comparison.

  31. Came here to say this. But it's something I recommend to anyone and everyone. Oil running low? Next thing you know you'll be doing everything but.. oh power is getting low... Wait why is this train not optimized? My god the spaghetti is marvelous! ... What was I doing again? Alarm goes off in the background and you realize its 6am and you gotta rush off to work.

  32. Bitches (you) really read "Don't be an asshole" and react like "HOW DARE YOU TELL ME WHAT TO DO??!??!?!?".

  33. yes. they did it for every nations they took over. stole entire historical archives from balts. not even returned those.

  34. Russia supporters really do be criticising the "British" museum.

  35. Months? He’s been stuck at the bottom of the ocean for 600+ Days

  36. With nothing to entertain himself but virtual YouTuber content

  37. Indeed because a warmonger knows nukes are too quick

  38. mischievous & deceitful. chicanerous and deplorable.

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