1. Perfectly content to chase people down with stormhawk deehn.

  2. Nope. Tested it and tried it with a friend.

  3. Typically I would say sticky with increased radius+fired up. Though I can't say I would strongly oppose lucky. I just think fired up is more reliable for a more melee build. For a bomber build I'd have fired up all day.

  4. This dude really thinks the man who runs around using every weapon in the game and showcases it. Chase would fight someone with a rusty spoon if it was a weapon and not swap from it.

  5. Not very worth watching. "Outplayed and saved, the story of gankers" the clip.

  6. When invading it doesn't matter tbh. Invasions aren't fair and I expect a host to do whatever isn't a glitch.

  7. -Caelid is an upper mid level area. Might wanna stay away for low level. Dragonbarrow right next to it a high level area. -He is weak to fire. Though make sure the weapon is properly leveled otherwise you are better off with a normal weapon -Roll next to him. The rot travels outward into a cone in front of him. You can't reliably go through it.

  8. It'a a different game. Its like trying to compare this game to devil may cry.

  9. They're kinda easy-moderate. Stagger real quickly and usually you can 1v1 without much issue.

  10. What spell was he using that let him be that invisible?

  11. There isn't a spell to be invisible like that. This happens sometimes due to latency issues/lag.

  12. Strange. Not a technical expert by any stretch. But I must ask, is it like this for ghost specifically? Legends or campaign? Most importantly, is it like this for other games as well? It sounds like an issue with the PS4 itself to me if 3 controers share the same issue.

  13. It's the same in main story mode. I forgot probably the most important bit as well; the R2 prompt for ammo collection and revival is busted too... walk up to either and when the prompt appears press and hold the button with no action. Sometimes takes a few release->repress and hold loops. Other players must think I'm spamming them!

  14. Rather strange if it doesnt happen with other games. You can start up a game to test yourself.

  15. Try heavy. Maliketh has moderate elemental resistance but not much/okay physical resistance.

  16. Sleep is another status effect it helps actually. But is also will enhance madness. There just aren't many ways to get arcane+madness scaling. Only way I know is to get an affinity in the fingerprint shield.

  17. ohhh that's cool to know! when i did a madness build i mostly just leveled according to the stat bonuses for vyke's/frenzy seal

  18. Yeah. But those don't have arcane scaling. Only faith. Same goes for the sleep swords. Have int scaling instead of arcane and thus you have to use sleep grease and the ripple halberd for arcane scaling to work on it. While you can slap occult on many bleed weapons to apply blood loss.

  19. I was always under the impression that Samurai and Assassins could only use legendary bomb packs. 🤔

  20. For Sam yes. For Assassin no. If you are ever curious you can scroll over a stat or perk. And see what you can roll for that slot.

  21. I'll do it if people specifically ask to. Either over mic or if they ping the areas. Or any time at a I'm playing with a coordinated group, I will always do bonuses because its boring not to.

  22. There is nothing even remotely cheap in this build, whatsoever.

  23. It's been so many years with soulsborne games and some people still can't understand that FromSoft doesn't really do regular side quests, like in most other games.

  24. I wouldn't really say I can agree with this overall. I could find just about any NPC at first but finding out where they are after is hard with a lot of them as they don't tell you where they are going at all. And the game doesn't really give you any consistent clues.

  25. This but replace godrick with morgott.

  26. It’s easy until you get one-shotted by a strength player. One of my characters is a rl105 mage, with 37 vigor. It’s a trade-off: I do more damage, I take more damage. Spells are not that hard to dodge, especially when the host has cooperators.

  27. Eh but you can have high vigor, poise and still kill people in 1-2 casts as a mage. Most Int Boosting stuff are helmets so you can have moderate vigor, endurance and even armor on a pure mage if you have a good amount of endurance.

  28. Elden Ring wasnt my first souls game but it was the first I invaded or played multiplayer in.

  29. If you can't stop it on start up, typically you have to run/back off. I usually end up simply rolling back most of the time to dodge upon retreat.

  30. I have had a single gank youtube linked on the reddit once. But simply put ganker channels do not have the pull of invaders. And it shows in their subs.

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