1. I scored my 311 for 200$. My jaw dropped once I looked what they go for on gunbroker

  2. Hey, me too! Can I ask how well the stock fits it? It looks like a type 1 stock on a type 2 gun. See the curved cutout at the back of the receiver? Have you had any problems with it? Really nice leather work btw

  3. The stock was handmade by the previous owner, who bought the shotgun new. he replaced it when the original tenite stock broke. Apparently he was a woodworker, so it’s very well-built. This is what I was told by the person who sold this shotgun to the gun store where I bought it. He had passed away recently, and his children had sold all his guns.

  4. It may be a little far from you, but I highly recommend burger 25 in toms River. It’ll blow his mind true American food. Best burgers and shakes in the northeast United States

  5. Bless you for not cutting them. There are plenty of barrels already cut out there if you really want some later. Also, fun fact: Those cut outs at the back of the frame where it meets the stock indicate that it originally had Tenite stocks. An early form of polymer stocks developed during WW2 when all the good wood was going to military arms production. They became very brittle with age and many/most of the buttstocks broke later on. The Tenite stock would have been molded to fit into that area that is now open. Wood stocked guns were straight at the back.

  6. Thanks you for the info! I’m trying to find more information on the shotgun, because everyone I see is different than mine.

  7. I got a 21C for 400$ as my first pistol it was a obvious, safe queen I absolutely love my. I plan on using it as my CCW gun. My grandfather had a 21C for his concealed carry gun, but unfortunately, it was sold by my grandmother when he passed away

  8. I have a similar shotgun shotgun from black aces make sure you lube it up very good. It did the same thing for me on the first few rounds but after I put some high brass through it, it works well

  9. If you take your car to a good reputable detailing shop they will be able to get that out of your paint with no problem as long as it’s common spray paint.

  10. I’m on the hunt for a JC Higgins, but not that one. I also learned that there’s a semi automatic JC Higgins today as well. Department store guns can be a hidden treasure.

  11. There’s quite a few JC Higgins on GunBroker right now take a look. You may find a gun for yourself

  12. I’m actually watching a few right now. Someone outbid me for more than I was willing to pay for one. I think it is up $360 right now.

  13. Just keep your eye out on all your local gun stores and always check their used section that’s how I found all my deals and this JC Higgins

  14. Aftermarket doesn't exist for most Turkish shotguns. Just get a wood dowel. There are thousands of forum posts and videos about making your own for a shotgun. Hell, Mossbergs come with just a wood dowel.

  15. I’ve tried wooden pencil plastic rod and a wooden dowel all are causing my shotgun to double feed shells. Do you think the homemade plugs are causing the issue or it’s something else causing that?

  16. That's a pretty good price. Are they any good? Was looking for one to dabble in clay shooting.

  17. It’s heavy but works flawlessly shoots great! Got 4 quail with it first time hunting quail this week. Has mounts for a scope mount and interchangeable chokes

  18. In my region of the states black squirrels are rare. They are 1 in 10,000 are more aggressive territorial and drive other squirrel species out of the area also have black eyes

  19. If they're more aggressive and drive out other squirrel wouldn't they be more common?

  20. I’m no expert on squirrels you’ll have to look that up online why that doesn’t occur. The black fur and eyes are caused by pigment mutation

  21. Former insulator here I’ve never seen a reaction like that ever to any kind of fiberglass insulation I even showed the picture to my father Who has done fiberglass for over 20 years he has never seen a reaction like that either. I’ve done crawlspaces basically rolling around in stuff .How old is this insulation? It might possibly contain asbestos and that’s what you’re having a reaction to. I recommend taking a very hot shower to help get it off your body. Try not to rub your body you’re only pushing it into your skin

  22. Public WMA land these are much bigger than your average neighborhood squirrel we were up in the mountains

  23. Shooters in Little Egg Harbor carries a wide range of shooting targets

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