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  1. Usually I like to watch CoryxKenshin first out of everyone but he’s not always there so I normally choose Jacksepticeye before mark

  2. I remember watching it and crying to my mom to let us go to England 😂

  3. It’s based off of the environment because some parts of the US have tornadoes for example so they make it out of wood for safety measures. And in some places floods are really common so they make it out of bricks

  4. This is just an example so if you are interested you can go and research it

  5. That’s the maximum someone can go and we eat 3 times a day to stay healthy but each person’s body is different so it’s really just based on the person 😂

  6. He should like do a game throwback so we can get some nostalgia 😂😂😂

  7. When you get jumpscared but ur not ready to get scared again

  8. I have been watching Dan since the diamond dimensions and I was 7 at the time but I am turning 16 rn. Who cares I still watch Dan 😂

  9. There’s more to the story so if u want me to tell u just tell me down here 😂⬇️

  10. Yea but Minecraft story mode was closed but he can pay it on Netflix

  11. Really? It works on my Xbox 360 disc still.

  12. You can’t buy a new copy but if you have the old ones it will work

  13. They really just live a life of lies don’t they 😭

  14. Dude the Israelis aren’t even Arab like dude. (And yes there are Palestinian Jews but those have been on that land for generations). They really have no shame 😭

  15. That con may present that he wasn’t a robot yet and was getting killed as a walking corpse

  16. Spread the word or attempt to convince them that they are doing smth wrong

  17. Yep is it just me or Sean is making the same vids as Dan cause Dan’s videos were uploaded before him 😂

  18. Am I the only one who sorta doesn’t understand 🥲

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