1. Bro dw it’s the online thing. I’m in grade 12 and I’ve been online since gr 9 March, I got a 63 on my advanced functions test…someone who only gets 90+. I found that as soon as I walked into that class the test anxiety hit. Now that you’ve done one the next will be a lot easier

  2. Same I have math and bio rn. I got no idea what happened on my first test, got a 63, had a 92 last year 💀 I can’t stop stressing about it but I’m trying to fix it

  3. Sounds like you’re being very selfish here. That woman has dreams and goals too. She ain’t here to only raise your kids and take care of you.

  4. She is a hard marker and she is also so extra. She makes student do extra work compared to other teachers

  5. Have you tried going to guidance and requesting to be switched into the other class? My guidance is usually quite easy going with that

  6. I took it online in the summer. Absolutely you will be burnt out. 10 kids dropped out after we got out first essay back the 3rd day of school. For reference I got a 72 on that essay and I was aiming for at least a 90 in the course. I decided to keep going and I’m glad I did. If you go through the lessons and ask your teacher questions you can get a good grade. Got a 98 on my last essay, the ISU worth 15%. Ended with a 94. My best English mark ever

  7. You should see if you are able to take both Calc and functions in one semester Ik that at my school Calc only runs in second semester and functions in the first

  8. Guess what I want to be from my top Uni choice (difficulty: extreme)

  9. Either life science or engineering at Ontario Tech my grades are good enough for the more prestigious ones but I want to stay closer to home my anxiety can’t stand moving LOL

  10. Bro it’s the same break as everyone else if the teachers sucky they’ll give you work just as they would to a grade 9 student

  11. Why would your father be mad at you for wearing a hijab that’s so stupid of him respectfully

  12. SAMEEEE JUST FINISHED YESTERDAY I ended with a 94 but I was very scared and almost dropped cause I got a 75 on my first essay LOL I’d definitely recommend not dropping just work with the teachers feedback!

  13. The exam is kinda just two activities tho Some long answers on Thursday and a reflection on Friday

  14. worse and better is subjective 🥰 what’s worse for one person might be better for another !

  15. i specifically chose a university program that would fit with the classes i’m comfortable taking. sorry you didn’t get the same opportunity.. have a great school year!💌

  16. Lmao I think you forgot what you said in your post You said it’s not going to be an enjoyable school year The reader wouldn’t think that you’re “comfortable” taking these classes have a good year

  17. Idk anything about that teacher. Just curious, did u end up dropping it?

  18. Nopeee still doing it. I decided to go forth with it cause there’s only 5 days left of it 7 with the exam Although it’s very packed it’s better than a whole 5 months imo

  19. It was hard as Fuck and I left there thinking I failed.

  20. Did you get a bomb job right after though 😭 I definitely hope I can get one cause I don’t wanna be sitting at home in debt for years

  21. Mechanical is one of the most widely applicable types of engineering. So there is always plenty of jobs, but it doesn't always pay as well as some of the more specialized types such as biomed or aero.

  22. So you know a general entry salary that could be available? I see lots for the US but the stars Canada seem impossible to find online

  23. I get paid 6 figures and get to basically wear pajamas at work.

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