1. wat are these words you speak? Theres alotta nonsense on

  2. Doesnt itto prefer to use Q E instead of E Q? because ushi becomes a nuke with q active.

  3. You can use Q twice, first E just before Q to get particles on itto and then the second E during the burst. His E cooldown is 10 seconds so you can easily use 2 E this way

  4. Eff what everyone else says. I too, believe in pulling out the paper fine China when there are a lot of dishes to be done!

  5. Not a fan of EiMiko ship buuuuut… where’s full?)

  6. ER is THE best stat, up until it's not. Can you consistently spam your burst on cooldown? I guess maybe you're running double hydro which would solve this? Also ever so slightly low HP, you usually want 30k+, but I guess your passive will take care of that.

  7. 180 is enough if you another fav user in the team.

  8. After catching Ganyu eating the flowers.

  9. damn what gonna hoyo do, they already lost revenue from one player

  10. 35% dendro and electro res abyssal moon blessing

  11. This is merely a difference in translation, the terminology used for Beretta is completely gender neutral in Japanese. Even Yenpress originally used gender neutral wording for Beretta for quite a few volumes. From their very conception Beretta’s appearance and speech were modeled after Artoria from Fate. In contrast there is absolutely nothing “male” about Beretta, lore-wise they’re genderless but very feminine appearance wise.

  12. It's not a Oneshot but it only has 2 translated chapters on Mangadex

  13. I keep trying to navigate through this site to read the comic in English but it won’t take. I still can’t find it. I guess the site doesn’t work for my phone.

  14. I'll save this post for the time when i encounter another tooxic positive guy

  15. The video is nice, but that tiktok narrator is so cringe

  16. Even tho I would like to believe that this is a joke, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if someone actually thought that duct tape is made of ducks

  17. So you're telling me duck tapes aren't made out of ducts?

  18. Tenha had to spend 7000$ to get a single copy of diluc, so i can just wish you luck for your diluc.

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