1. As far as I can tell, they discontinued the kids’ Toaster Suits 💔

  2. Yeah 90% of my gear or technical clothing purchases are through Altitude these days, they're great.

  3. I got a good deal on the classic 'El Capitan' Eureka tent at Altitude last year. Super happy with it! I always check them first now when I'm looking for outdoor gear.

  4. Property taxes is based on the value of your home. If homes are going up 12-15% in value year over year, why “increase to keep up with inflation”?! It’s a rate, not a hard number. Your salary need to go up to match inflation, but taxes don’t work that way. We don’t raise the hst every year to keep up with inflation.

  5. Both Gil and Chloe have potential and got a lot of votes...but they both need strong, detailed goals to get people to rally behind them and I'm not seeing much other than generic "ideas" yet.

  6. I voted for Gil last time, but won't this time. He has interesting ideas, but it doesn't seem like he or his team have the skills to pull any of it off.

  7. There’s only one way to do it fairly and simply. Each pay 50/50 on the mortgage and each pay half for the down payment, then finally 50/50 on utilities. You shouldn’t be punished for saving more and earning more by paying more, it makes no sense.

  8. I agree in this instance because both of them make enough that they won't be overly burdened by $2500/mth mortgage.

  9. Yeah they are really starting to piss me off! I like that everything at shoppers gives points. No matter if they have a "points promo" But superstore/ no frills etc... don't. So I can go spend 200$ on groceries I need and not get a single dang point. The points are always only on garbage processed food. Mr Galen Weston also doesn't give two craps about people struggling. He doesn't know the meaning of the word. He makes me sick. /rant

  10. If you have a PC Mastercard you get 3 points/dollar *spent at no frills or superstore. I get one to three offers per week of fresh produce for 200 points/dollar. The rest are for frozen and packaged stuff though. I try to keep an eye open for points deals on the flyer too. If you do PC Express orders I get offers every couple weeks for $20-25 in points back when I spend $200-$250 on an order.

  11. Yes. Usually a very low monthly rate and it covers unexpected vet bills.

  12. We did the savings method. Pet insurance was quite expensive when we looked because we got a dog that was already 4yrs old. It was expensive even with a high deductible, and it not covering most vet visits.

  13. This looks pretty good I appreciate the suggestion. I see water and heat are included, how much would I have to pay for hydro in a place like that?

  14. People are booking some sites for A MONTH straight. Seriously! Some sites have put in a 3 week max… but come on… people are basically doing it to swap friends in and out.

  15. Many popular campgrounds have put a stop to this by only allowing a 7 night max this year. Killbear, some (all?) Algonquin campgrounds, Sandbanks, probably Killarney too.

  16. In 7 day blocks, yup. But after you submit you can go back in and do it again.

  17. But then you'd still have to wait a week and go back because you can only book 5 months in advance, and there's a decent chance someone else might get the site when you try and book it.

  18. Not a conservative, but can represent the anti-rent control argument. Studies have shown that rent controls reduce the amount of new builds - causing less units to be available for those looking to rent.

  19. Ontario didn't have rent control on all buildings from 1991-2017. In those 26 years there was no increase in building purpose built rentals. We had one year of real rent control before it was repealed, so it's hard to draw much from that. .

  20. Doug Ford repealed rent control effective November 2018. This is why it is that date. Supposedly to improve the rental market. Kind of like what he did with teaches and nurses, and here we are years later paying for his greed.

  21. Prior to Wynne Ontario had the same sort of rule but it was for anything built after 1991! It was started by Harris but the liberals didn't do anything about it for a long time.

  22. Why doesn’t she prove herself by running for city council first?

  23. I don't think it's necessary. John Tory first ran for mayor and failed, and then became leader of the PCs without any political experience. He won his seat as MPP for the first time after he was selected as leader.

  24. Thanks I actually had no idea about this. Where I live, this is unheard of! So people send their kids to schools outside their neighbourhoods? I assume they have to drive them there and there’s no school bus?

  25. Eastofyonge is right. Check the TDSB website and yes, your home school has to take you.

  26. No, if a school is full in the area you live in, your not getting in. Doesn’t matter if it has a specific program or nah.

  27. I had the same situation with my high school. The school I was bussed to was assigned as my home school because the closest school was too full.

  28. I find a lot of people just don't know. If it's on a crowded bus/subway, I just gently tap them on their shoulder to remind them. People usually are pretty nice and especially when they see that the bag is smacking people on the bus/subway.

  29. I feel like this got worse since covid. Everyone got used to having tons of space on transit, so they forget to be considerate when it's packed.

  30. Meh, Sobey's and Metro are the same. The prices across the discount stores (food basics, FreshCo, no frills) are mostly the same too.

  31. they use chloramine not chlorine. chloramine does not dissipate from the water like chlorine.

  32. Toronto uses both. Chlorine for initial disinfection and chloramine provides residual disinfection because it doesn't readily evaporate.

  33. The safe limit from Health Canada is 5ppb (ug/L). You may be right that this limit is too high, but we don't have any clear data on what it should be set at. Toronto had an average of 0.045ppb in the drinking water, so 100x less than the safe limit. You can find all the results here:

  34. But they won't be paying extra fares. In fact it will be much cheaper than the current cost if you have to switch transit systems during your trip.

  35. North York has been a part of Toronto for quite a while. Come into downtown from there, and you are indeed paying extra. This proposal is just another cash grab while they do nothing at all to improve service. We need to stop using metrolinx for transit projects. They are beyond incompetent. Every single project they've ever been a part of has been way late and way over budget. They can't even properly maintain their own trains.

  36. North York is not part of Northern or Southern York on the map. As you point out, it is part of Toronto and so it is part of the Toronto zone.

  37. I would have more kids if the situation were better. I would love to have one more.

  38. We have one and I never thought we'd be one and done, but I can't see how we'd afford a second (time and money wise).

  39. Aren't college/university tuitions, textbook costs etc higher than ever and still going up?

  40. We are putting money aside to help pay for post secondary but I have no plan to pay for it all.

  41. It’s funny how AirBNB basically priced themselves to a hotel equivalent. Costs being equal, hotel 10/10 times

  42. The biggest benefit I find to Airbnb's now is that a 2 bedroom Airbnb will cost the same-ish as a two bed (single room) at a hotel. When we travel with our kid it is so much better having them in a separate room. We aren't stuck in the dark the rest of the evening and they get a better sleep. I wish more hotels had reasonably priced suites with at least one bed in a separate room.

  43. It sounds like the environmentalists you are referencing live in a dream world. What would the logistics of this fantasy world look like? Everyone living in city hellscape concrete jungles just so we can be close enough to mass transit to actually make it work? Lots of people do not want to live in a major city. How do you propose to get those people around without private vehicles? Am I supposed to carry food for four on a 30-minute walk from the nearest grocery store? Am I supposed to spend half my waking life travelling because I have to go on routes that are indirect and make frequent stops, require transfers and long wait times?

  44. Let’s say I just take all your points at face value, and don’t haggle at all about who needs cars. The comment I was replying to ABSOLUTELY said it applied to everyone, even if they mistakenly made that point. They said environmentalists wouldn’t want EV factories, because we should do away with cars. Guess what, if you don’t make EV factories, then that 18% of the population will be forced to continue to run around in ICE cars. They will NEVER convert to mass transit. Is that the goal here? Because to me that seems like a poor decision. Whatever the impacted population percentage is, I want people who drive cars to stop using fossile fuels.

  45. They said that "not all environmentalists are super keen about electric cars" and that manufacturing cars is wasteful and we should be focusing more on trains. That is true for the 82% of the population, not rural because you are right that mass transit isn't viable there.

  46. Contact the Toronto Wildlife Rescue. They're great folks and will be able to direct you.

  47. The Toronto Wildlife Centre actually says it's totally fine to get rid of the eggs if they are pretty new (less than a week). Don't wait, just get rid of them!

  48. thank you, yeah animal services seems the smartest play now that it's been mentioned! I'd rather a pro handle it if possible

  49. Doesn’t look like a wild one the way it warmed up to the person.

  50. Crate and Barrel. Almost 12 yrs old and still going strong. Just spent a bit to get new foam in the seat cushions and I bet it lasts us another 5+ yrs. I'll go back to Crate, or would consider EQ3 or Chesterfield Shop when we do need a new one.

  51. I haven't seen it suggested, but a standard schnauzer could be a great fit! They are robust, good off leash and would have no issues with hiking, backpacking or trail running.

  52. That sounds great! You mind sharing what city? Would love to look into it.

  53. Don't know about OP, but Toronto has one and it's quite detailed. I've used it many times. I was definitely an 'aspirational recycler' (putting things in that I thought 'should' be recyclable, but actually are not in my city).

  54. oh man so many of these are so out of my pay range :')

  55. If you are under 35 the Toronto symphony has great prices on tickets (like $30 for amazing seats) through TSO Soundcheck. I was so sad the year I aged out, but it's such a great way to try out a couple shows without having to drop $$.

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