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  1. You make it look so easy, and slow motion 🤭.

  2. How do you deal with Tengu in this set up? Rush?

  3. Before you answered i found the link to the hole video, very fun to see. How about the visual prompt for incoming arrows, I need to figure how to get that.

  4. https://www.pushsquare.com/guides/ghost-of-tsushima-all-accessibility-options

  5. I like how you just absolutely eject that swordsman near the end into East Bumfuck with that kick.

  6. What are you running? Stone Striker and Surugami charm? And maybe spirit kunai? I know there’s a charm and technique that give you heavenly strike but only stone striker gives that specific finisher from heavenly strike.

  7. SK was not used. You can find the build at the end of video. Thanks🙏

  8. Beautiful gameplay that shows off the melee combat system at its best! Wonderful to see this.

  9. I could watch this destruction all day. Absolutely beautiful.

  10. This is a great skill and achievement. It is also a joy to know that I have inspired others. Congratulations🎊 and thank you🙏

  11. Beautiful gameplay man truly! Love this Samurai play style!

  12. Good shit man glad you posted this more ppl need to see that you don't need to Ult spam to do things like NM & Plat & tbh most ppl don't like it when someone in the group has an ult spam build because most players (not saying you do it) who have em don't know how to use em properly they just try to kill everything everywhere even if it means taking everyone else's kills or not letting some ppl kill at all, it's even worse when they spawn camp & run an ult spam build. Keep up the good work bro! And respect on the Suragami build I love that samurai build that shit is the "Golden Gloves" of samurai builds for sure. Rising Tempo on that build is absolutely AMAZING!

  13. Apart from a clear on aoi village by a legendary samurai main

  14. It is a great honor for you to mention me. I've seen you do a no legendary clear on Aoi before, you've completed all the maps! What a great achievement! Congratulations👍👏🎊

  15. Each time I see one of these solo videos I wonder the same thing: Why does it seem like the enemies in these videos attack so less frequently than the enemies when I’m playing solo?

  16. I mostly fight at the edge of location. This is because it helps to reduce the number of attacks from enemies.

  17. So you’re basically just playing like Jin?

  18. This is real skill and not that bullshitting op builds that are posted so frequently. Nice job samurai

  19. I'm not very good at op builds, but I'm happy to keep legends like this. thank you!

  20. I like melee, but what's strong in this game is the ranged and ghost weapon attack. So, naturally, focusing on melee also means losing the chance to fight. So I'm more often alone.

  21. What kind of build are you using? Amazing bear fight! Lol

  22. You using the circle square method,I thought I was the only one 😢😢

  23. Very nice! That's the way to do it. 💯 What build you use on that run? If I may ask.

  24. Does extra spirit pull heal faster? Or is it for reducing enemy health? I’ve only tried it for a couple minutes before.

  25. Soooooooooo good. Thanks for sharing your build too! Did you use the reload cancel or it’s purely from draw speed and reload speed on your gears?

  26. Yep I love that build also. Have you tried same but with stone striker? So focus MSD and OD/SD. That opens your 3rd perk slot to extra legendary which I use spirit Kunai to get ability back or I use Demon seeds

  27. I've always wanted to do a parry build since singleplayer but I never did bc I felt like theres to many attacks from oni that you cant parry

  28. From what I've tried, there are parryable attacks against enemies except animals, brutes and archers. Counterattacking with a parryable attack on the onis in Legends isn't easy, but it's not impossible either. This is difficult, but very satisfying for those who prefer melee combat. I strongly recommend it!

  29. You seem to know everything about how to get an SK kill. You are really great. You are the best👍👏👏

  30. It's always a pleasure watching you in action as you continue to push boundaries 🙏 amazing work

  31. It's really fun to think about how to solve something and actually try it.

  32. What about oni damage on katana and charm? And have stealth damage with blowgun and smoke? Could be good? And for kunai, melee or ghost weapon damage?

  33. Sorry for the late reply. chunky succeeded in B&S plat7 solo, of course you will also try, right? I look forward to your success! thank you🙏

  34. I like the katana in all postures. A different katana stance is a different build for me. Thank you🙏

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