1. It’s interesting that you think Mark will be the most successful artist but in Taeyong’s bit say that SM very rarely gives solo opportunities to rappers and hence would have to solely focus on improving his vocals. What kind of song do you think Mark’s debut will be like?

  2. Mark actually has very good vocals! I think with a bit of improvement he will definitely be able to pull of singing all by himself. I can see him debuting with anything, honestly, he is so talented and versatile! But I feel like SM will give him more hip-hop genre debut, to show off his rapping and "swag".

  3. Ooh I forgot to mention Taeyong has been taking vocal lessons since last year despite his busy schedules and I think he has improved a lot just based on his moonlight solo stage and he will just keep improving. I think you underestimate him a lot.

  4. He improves his vocals, but he is still far from the SM level. And SM doesn't really care about their rappers. I think Mark is the only exception, since he is universally loved, but I also mentioned that Mark won't get solo fast either

  5. And you are being very rude. What do you care what I wrote and not? Calling me weirdo, like you are not a weirdo yourself for reading this long ass post and then being rude all of sudden.

  6. Oh I definitely did not read all of that, and I know you are an nctzen, only an nctzens will type the things like this, it’s their badge of honor. I never called you a weirdo, you called yourself that. I only said it’s a very weird behavior. You made post on a public forum and I reacted. My comment isn’t half as bad as the pretty hurtful things you typed about those people so don’t give me that face, don’t dish it out if you can’t take it. I’m not an nctzen.

  7. Lmao, you roffling? You literally called me weirdo for writing this post and now acting all high and mighty. At this point I'm just assuming that you are particularly musty troll.

  8. They did a comic book with pages included in the album for power by exo but it was quite self-contained to exo themselves and their concept. They could do something similar though.

  9. Yeah, I mentioned it. It was interesting even though short. Personally I would love something big and with actual plot though. Exo alone have materials for a really long webtoon

  10. I hated Sticker not because of the song itself, but because of the styling in mv and performances😭


  12. Nct Ten's Dream in a dream and Paint me naked are superior songs and I'm ready to die on that hill!

  13. So you gave everyone titles, but for Exo and Red Velvet it's just lame and generic "good vocals"? Bruh, you can say it about literally every sm group and some pthers from different companies.

  14. Taemin's hair in Advice were horrible af😭😭😭 He looked so good overall, but that shit was looking like he didn't wash his hair at least a month😭

  15. I think they do. I mean, idols are human too. And some jealousy doesn't make them bad people, it's actually very natural feeling.

  16. Ikr, at this point kpop stans humiliate themselves more, than fans of western music do

  17. Ten was and still is the best dancer in NCT. Shotaro is firmly specialized in hip-hop and doesn't show much of anything in other genres, same can be said about Jisung, and Taeyong doesn't measure up in flexibility, fluidity and creativity, besides, his dancing technique is too eratic, lacking elegant gracefullness that Ten displays even in their more dynamic choreographies.

  18. I have 2 and I think, gauging from the subreddits they're unpopular here.

  19. There is a lot of underage idols whom we literally saw grow up untouched though

  20. I’m still waiting for Taeyong to drop the Zoo choreography! He did a great job with making the choreography include and highlight Giselle.

  21. Yes! I really loved how he gave her center parts, it balanced her being the only girl and make her look really cool and bossy!

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