Obi-Wan Kenobi - Episode 6 - Discussion Thread!

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  1. So how’s this going to work if it’s left to the states? Every time a republican wins all our rights go away but then if a democrat wins a few years later they all come back? We can’t live like this where some years we get equal rights but then after a republican wins all of that is banned.

  2. See, the Republicans are betting on the idea that we'll never have Democrats in power again. That's why they're so focused on messing with voting rights.

  3. "You are scheduled for demolition for a hyperspace superhighway bypass"

  4. Well of course it was planned, does anyone really believe they all just coincidentally showed up at once?

  5. I think the idea is that they only planned on having a protest, and the actual assault on the Capitol was a more spur of the moment thing. Of course that's complete BS, as proven by everything that team Trump did to set it up just right.

  6. Simple... Guns = 2nd amendment, abortion wasn't a concern when the constitution was written. To protect abortion, pass an amendment.

  7. Easier said than done when half the Senate is Republican, and they all vote straight along with their party regardless of what the people they represent want.

  8. They’re both weak willed men, I’d place money on them singing like birds.

  9. That does seem to be the game plan here. Go after the weakest high up members of the conspiracy, and pressure them into testifying against Trump and the others at the very top.

  10. You are living in fantasy land if you think anything will happen to Trump. This is theatre.

  11. I know it's unlikely, but it really does seem like there might be a slim chance he faces some accountability after all this.

  12. They already know about the footage and other recordings, they wouldn't postpone for that; this must be people calling in to make a deal.

  13. Probably a combination. More video than they expected showing more detail about what happened than they were ready for, along with lots of rats jumping off the sinking ship.

  14. Arresting 900+ people (largest criminal case in the country's history). These large investigations are usually done working up the ladder so they can squeeze information out of those lower on the totem pole who don't want to go to jail for this shit. We are likely to see DOJ drop indictments on big names as the Jan 6 committee wraps up and has public opinion primed to accept the first time a former president has ever been prosecuted.

  15. I really hope you're right, and I agree that they need to take the time to do this right. I'm just worried they won't actually go all the way up to Trump, or will take too long and wind up getting any momentum they've built halted if the Republicans wind up doing well enough in the midterms.

  16. Not the same. Not even close. I was just on the Test Track ride last week (I’m from SoCal), and I think of anything, Epcot could replace it with the Cars ride.

  17. Funny enough, they really are almost exactly the same ride underneath the theming. Even the track layout is very similar.

  18. Loved it. The only thing I might have changed is a tiny bit of timing. I would have rather Luke had gotten hurt and Obi-Wan felt it right at the end of the Vader fight, before he walked away.

  19. I’m willing to let them be on the right side here even if it is totally self serving

  20. They are not on the right side. They just know that he has less and less of a chance of winning and furthering the fascist agenda. All they'll do now is focus their propaganda on pushing another wannabe dictator who has a better chance of success.

  21. Yup. I'm fully expecting to hear "We never liked Trump. We always knew he was a criminal." from FOX and other long time Trump supporters.

  22. And in this case, asking the same vague question over and over, hoping that at some point he'll slip and say something that can be twisted into fitting the narrative she's trying to push.

  23. I just want an LCARS skin for my computers operating system, is that too much to ask?

  24. Bold of you to assume they actually stop to breathe long enough for you to get even the "on" in there.

  25. Goddamn, what’s gonna happen to people like me (trans, planning gender-affirming surgery) in a Republican state? My whole family is convinced that the US would never take away the rights of queer people, that I’m just “overreacting” by starting the paperwork for emigration to Canada.

  26. If you currently live in a Republican run state, especially the radical ones like Texas, I would sincerely reccomend considering a move.

  27. doesn't that just further guarantee texas will never turn blue?

  28. I'm talking about keeping themselves safe. At this point those in the most at risk groups need to consider their own well-being first and foremost, because if and when the conservatives get what they want, they will be in serious danger.

  29. Texas Republicans decided to go all out on their assault against democracy.

  30. Literally the first scene where he has a meeting with Walt in Breaking Bad he comments on how he's actually of Irish descent, his real name is McGill, and the Jewish fake name is to appeal to the sort of clientele he has.

  31. Bummer, because it doesn't fall really flat. Saw it yesterday and it was exactly as expected from a Pixar movie; a charming, cute little adventure with heart. Not setting the world on fire but definitely far from bad.

  32. I saw it yesterday too. I think the biggest hit against it is also what they counted on to push it, the very tenuous connection to the Toy Story movies.

  33. Does this movie even make logical sense? It's a movie supposedly released in the in-universe time period of the 1990s yet its a slick animated 3D movie using animation tech that shouldn't even exist.

  34. Well, I figured it could be a live action movie in the Toy Story universe. Just appears CGI to us because that's how things in that world look.

  35. I had some trouble trying to update mine at first, and even bricked it twice before I finally got it working. I realized my main problem was that I'd been using one of the USB ports on my monitor, and for some reason that just wasn't working with the controller properly.

  36. Once Pence told Trump no, they had to go to the contingency plan: disrupt the proceedings and force security evacuations so the count and certification would be suspended. They needed him in the car.

  37. In the car or dead. I'm absolutely certain Trump would have been fine with either as long as the rest of the plan went through.

  38. My wife saw me watch this and knew immediately who it was. We just spent the last 20 minutes watching a bunch of her videos on my wife's TikTok. This is the first time I've actually considered getting the app myself.

  39. I just dont get it. I dont get the appeal of Trump. How is it he had his cult not only give him what 250 MIL to fight the stolen election lie and Also storm the capital What is it about this man that will not only make people empty their life savings but also commit crimes in his name?

  40. As far as I can grasp, it seems they live the fact that he spews the same hate as they do. It makes them feel ok about all the terrible stuff they believe, while modern society is trying to move beyond all that.

  41. Refit Constitution is the single most bangable spaceship ever to spring from the human imagination

  42. The day Uvalde happened my wife (a substitute teacher) put up something on Facebook about how horrible she felt for all the kids or whatever. One of her coworkers asked what happened as she hadn't heard.

  43. It wasn’t a warm-up. It just didn’t work. They fully intended to steal the apparatus of government. But you’re right in that next time they’ll probably make a better effort.

  44. Yeah, it's less that it was a warm-up as it is that they just hadn't ironed out the kinks of each of their previous attempts yet. Each time they try to overthrow the democratic process, they get better at it, and eventually they will succeed if drastic action isn't taken.

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