“Teacher shortage”

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  1. I don’t think people realize how bad the bears will be for years to come. This screams John Fox era to me…

  2. So maybe in 5 yrs we'll get a playoff team and then hire another few knuckleheads in a row?

  3. Not to mention fecal remains that could give insights to local diets at the time — yep, corncobs were used to wipe back then!

  4. It's tough to keep up with that kinda demand

  5. That's correct. You can only correlate

  6. I can assure him we do more than a year's worth of work during the ten months school is in session. Thank you for advocating for us.

  7. Yup. I work less in every job I've had since

  8. Yup. I work less in every job I've had since

  9. Yup. I work less in every job I've had since

  10. ... this sub is full of dudes that ice their balls.

  11. Alleged benefits include an all natural way to increase testosterone. Or get those balls silky smooth (increase collagen production).

  12. How often you do it? How long do you do it?

  13. I had two female friends make an only fans and they both regretted it and ended up deleting it.

  14. It's as cringe as TikTok but naked

  15. This is also why women shouldn't swallow semen. Cause it drops right to the uterus and they get pregnant

  16. You said they believe in a higher power. You're thinking of theists

  17. I have two different ears. One is wide enough for ear buds, the other isn't. My twin brother has the mismatch on the opposite side.

  18. Is one of you lefty and the other right?

  19. Don't forget your L-Tyrosine to build up your dopamine

  20. Maybe I hooked on painkillers after that back injury. Pretty common stuff after a major injury like what he had

  21. hop, skip and a jump right to a pain killer addiction...

  22. I have a few friends who played sports their whole lives and got hooked. And I have an ex-girlfriend who worked at a pain clinic. Very real that big pharma is pushing on addiction on a lot of people

  23. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Massospora_cicadina

  24. I believe you're right. In a fun fact is it's full of amphetamine and psilocybin

  25. It's confusing because she wears a uniform of someone who has lots of love.

  26. Really skews the rape statistic when women don't have penises huh?

  27. It lists coconut oil as a vegetable oil.

  28. There's actually no real definition of vegetable

  29. Wow you're right. That's super weird. It says "any edible portion of a plant" in multiple sources.

  30. But even an algae which is not a plant can be considered. So FML amirite?

  31. I read the fourth from the last word wrong…somehow it still felt correct in context

  32. There's a die zone right around 4-6 ft that you just don't want to put yourself near

  33. I mean there was an American Christian dude who went to the forbidden remote islands in the Indian Ocean, trying to preach to them. They killed him

  34. It explains why this guy went to prison

  35. One thing big oil and the greenies agree on is unjustified nuclear hate

  36. It would be different if we switched to thorium

  37. This guy is actually a huge fan of the TV show and believes that only true fans should be allowed to wear the merch. The clubs he mentions are fan clubs. They often meet to have trivia nights to test their knowledge of their favourite show. They are very serious. Then they patrol the streets to make sure their favourite show is never disrespected.

  38. The dude is a total tool... As the guy he's talking to shows he's not pushing back, the dude sees the slack, and starts demanding more and more compliance. Went from, hey just letting you know you shouldn't wear that, to i wont do anything now but it's a mistake so I'll let it slide, to I should beat your ass but I wont, to take it off right now.

  39. He was practicing his toughness over and over as it built his confidence up

  40. The fact that this man’s rights were violated is precisely the point.

  41. It wasn't because he was a man. It's a human right to not want to be stabbed, starved, and torchered

  42. To make a lotion requires water and an emulsifier. If you're only using only oils/butters that would be considered a body butter or balm. You'd need to use oil soluble powders and liquids, most are only water soluble. You'll need to check with your supplier for the specific one you have.

  43. What kind of emulsifier do you recommend?

  44. Biokleen has sodium laurel sulfate

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