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  1. Yes. Find out who the physician supervising the NP is and call them.

  2. Depending on the state, often nurse practitioners are independent of physician oversight. If they do have an attending physician, this is a good idea. If not, you may want to seek care with a different doctor.

  3. The cost of a tire is ruining you financially but you can afford a trip to Hawaii? And why are you writing in pigdin if you are not a local?

  4. We appreciate your participation on

  5. We appreciate your participation on

  6. Hi, this has been removed. Modern feminism has a history of romanticizing and simplifying cultures other than the dominant Euro-American one in ways that are harmful. This post is misleading in several ways.

  7. Are you at a hopsital? IF not, call to have all your patients transported to the hospital, then leave.

  8. you are very welcome, hope it comes in handy!

  9. This phrase is not permitted here , even in jest.


  11. not an uncolored sketch but is this close ?

  12. The sister should be in the clear. The gofund me is not part of the deceased's estate, so next of kin has no claim on the money. If the sister doesn't use the money for burial expenses, someone who donated could possibly sue her for fraud to get their funds back. But the mother, who presumably did not donate to the gofund me has no standing to sue.


  14. Even if they die without a will, and you inherit the house, you inherit the house on a step up basis. That means you inherit it at the value it was at when they died, not the value they paid for it. So you should not owe much in the way of capital gains tax unless you sit on it for a while before you sell it. And Inheritance tax will only apply if the estate is above the exclusion, around $5 million dollars.

  15. You need a ring light or a light strip. In fact you need 2, set on either side of your face about 12-16 inches away at a 30 degree angle, so that the light overlaps. Then you can use a mirror without blocking the light. I'm -8.0 in one eye and -7.25 in the other and this works for me.


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