1. I think it would be awesome for there to be a giant serpent that roams around the lava in the Nether, appearing occasionally

  2. And it is made out of bone and annoying, because it goes through the walls?

  3. New Boss for every biome. After you beat the Desert Boss,you go fight he Jungle Boss, then the Mountain Boss, then etc

  4. To be neutral : although AI arts are beautiful, they are ruining drawn arts

  5. The insurance company probably gonna go broke really fast.

  6. Mors Mutual Insurance. How can we help you?


  8. Reminds me of that past event where you could do that. Many animations are really screenshot-worthy, even better if the surrounding fit!

  9. There actually was a bug that allowed to do this, but looks like it was patched recently cause it doesn't work for me anymore. You had to put a camera in your device slot and simultaniously press camera button and circle menu button and open camera mod in there.

  10. Yeah, and matches Rockstar's sense of humour

  11. I am pretty sure this is from a paper which makes it even funnier.

  12. I'm expecting to see this picture paired with Toby Fox music in my YT recommendations

  13. She saw dat doujin where she's drunk

  14. Japanese romance and misunderstanding, name a better duo

  15. Rebecca won't betray her friends over a cat

  16. Edit: spoilers in this comment if you haven't read the comics you might wanna scroll past

  17. I'm ready to be disappointed in the kana x aqua next week 😭

  18. R. I. P. Kanabros, I feel like next chapter is going to be a disaster for them.

  19. Now you have to make fake Mr. Beast from memes

  20. Question to OP: are you perhaps, by any chance, may have been inspired by some very particular artist, who's nickname has repeating letters and numbers in it?

  21. Someone is using the Irminsul to change something! This screenshot is proof!

  22. To all subjects of dendro Archon! My name is Traveler...

  23. Ah.. yes, a Quest which will only last a few minutes at worst.

  24. The Wedding Planner part 10: part 3: choose guests' sitting arrangement

  25. I wonder how Marin would feel if she knew they were talking on the phone, god damn I wanna see that jealous face again!

  26. I want to see any kind of interaction between Gojo and Marin

  27. Looks like mangaka is going to visit con and compliment cosplay or have some kind of beef with Gojo and Kitagawa

  28. Well, omniscient reader formally fits - mc does have copying skill. It is manhwa, tho.

  29. He's gonna be like: "Asa spinal cord sword! Haha, w-what are we doing?

  30. So if Yoru switches with Asa mid-act it becomes rape?

  31. There are actuator blocks sold in Mechanic's store. You put em inside block and change said block's state with electricity

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