1. correct. passive income is from va disability from service and affiliate marketing

  2. Thank you for the kind words and advice. I am grateful to have enough passive income that I’ll be making almost as much as I was at my normal job after you cut out my house rent. This is another journey in life that I hope to make a memorable one. ❤️

  3. We don't ear that much about the cancerous rodent. Maybe he's planing a revenge...

  4. It's real! Fibre spinning is just like that. It pretty much is finished fibre as soon as it leaves the rabbit. It's just twisting a bunch of strands into a cord- a lot simpler than it looks, for sure.

  5. squints don't think you're a bot, you're on thin ice tho

  6. no I'm not a bot, I just say things without making sure they make sense sometimes

  7. WAS THAT THERE ORIGINALLY????? i could've sworn he had like a mouth or smt

  8. I do prefer the screwdriver simply because of the lesser mental resources it takes and greater consistency. To try to rail coin a teleporting opponent that can kill you in one combo is difficult to say the least, and takes time and attention to execute, even if for just a fraction of a second. With the screwdriver you get comparable total DPS (total damage over a long fight, which is effectively damage/recharge time) and even if you use all 4 coins, the difference in total damage is only slightly higher than a slab revolver bodyshot (2.75 vs 2.5). This also frees up those coins for other uses, be they with coin punching, reflecting slab charge shot, or whatever other use you may find for it. None of this is to mention anything regarding healing. I find that by the time you're good enough at this fight where you can consistently spend the time throwing up 2-4 coins, hit them with the electric rail, and make sure you don't get hit in the interim (all of which needs to happen for electric rail to truly be strictly superior to the screwdriver in this fight), you're probably already good enough at the fight to be starting to go for P-ranks. And if you're going for P-ranks, there's something to be said for ensuring you don't die right at the end, something the screwdriver does help with.

  9. Hyperfocused a bit lol. I like doing math

  10. I wouldn't accept it so plainly if you hadn't laid out, without a shadow of a doubt, why your understanding of it is very reasonable. no wasted words.

  11. "Never believe everything you read on the internet" - Abraham Lincoln

  12. It's insane that we could have ended up in a future where we are free and able to find enrichment in new pursuits while the need to do actual labor declined. Capitalism has people thinking their only purpose is to be labor slaves.

  13. the ai is making art and music and literature and we're doing menial labor

  14. Just about, yeah. Anything worse is in the realm of severe implausibility.

  15. Tech support, generally. And if someone needs a bit of money.

  16. no yeah that's definitely the intention, hence stacking enemies specifically made to toss you around + a sentry so you can't just keep still, which is a super fun concept, but making the walls more of a hurt on contact rather than a hurt then get randomly dropped to some uncontrollable spot on the arena would just make it flow better

  17. Does it always teleport you back to the same spot? I was too frenzied to notice in my attempt.

  18. from what i can tell it's dependant on which side(s) you hit the wall, but by that point it's either already too late since regardless the enemies will lock on you before you can adjust to the position you got unwillingly placed down on

  19. That love you want from someone? Start with showing yourself that kind of care and empathy and love

  20. y'know the version of yourself that exists in your mind? treat it with care as if it's someone you care about, because it should be

  21. I'm pretty sure I've seen the op or at least their same point made before - though then the rebuttal was "just eat cops"

  22. This post has an alternate version where, instead of these responses, someone does indeed suggest eating cops, you're right.

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