Video shows Colorado deputy shoot man to death sitting in his SUV after the man called 911 for help because his SUV got stuck. On Wednesday, grand jury delivered indictments with charges that include second degree murder against one deputy and criminally negligent homicide against another deputy

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  1. I hope the incoming US Congress follows through on plans to audit the funds already senr

  2. Why would someone want to wait to bring it in?

  3. Plug 2 is the middle one in the rear bank. I just replaced my plugs. It was not hard at all, just take your time. I shoved a heavy duty trash bag back there to catch anything I might drop (don’t forget to remove it) and I tied off my tools too. I followed this vid:

  4. I've been making Tequila Negronis with it and chef's kiss. Way better than the gin version.

  5. Sounds like you're looking for a corn whiskey... Make sure you do a vinegar and then a sac run

  6. Yes they have fault but OP you are 19, you are welcome to leave any emotional abuse and it’s legal for them to neglect an adult.

  7. NEVER involve police when you don’t have to. They are prone to violence, escalate needlessly, and unpredictable.

  8. Yes. My son is 14 and has had t1 since 5, and celiac since 11. Plus adhd and nephrotic syndrome (kidney disease). I’m a bit over auto immune issues.

  9. Will it ignite if you hold a match to it and light manually? Mine does this sometimes

  10. You should tell him he’s a acting like a child and you’d rather be married to an adult

  11. I feel like the first rule of "anonymous cuddling group" should be "don't tell your mom"

  12. True, but the propensity to run to momma kinda goes with the territory with someone who does platonic cuddling.

  13. Are you sure there isn’t anything on the video that can distinguish between you two? Clothing, jewelry, nail polish, injuries, etc?

  14. Take a tire patch kit and a cigarette lighter 12v air compressor. Has saved me from a flat 3 times and you do not want to drive on a donut for long.

  15. Thus we can assume that the G20 leaders don’t want 94% of Africans to be able to travel. Seems pretty racist.

  16. I prefer to wait until Thanksgiving morning and put that frozen bird in the microwave on high for 75 minutes.

  17. Never forget that it was only approved because the politicians started it and rushed it along so it would not be cost effective to cancel

  18. The first thing you need to do is "not open the bag the part comes in" until the stove is apart so you can return it if you wreck the stove.

  19. Thanks for the advice. Are there two tabs to push in to release the top after the screws are out? Also is removing the front panel mandatory, and if so how is that retained?

  20. You don’t have to remove the sensor!!!! Slide a test strip under the narrow end in between the sensor and transmitter, enough to break one metal contact. Exit the app for 30 min and turn off Bluetooth. Then turn everything back on and start like new! Has never failed on me except when I don’t wait long enough.

  21. if the inside pad is a good as the outside pad, your fine for another 20000kms at least.

  22. Maybe. If a caliper pin or piston is frozen on the inside it could only wear there. It takes 5 min to pop the caliper off and check, and if it looks the same, then yes you have a fraudster

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