1. Added RitsukaValo666 - I happened across your thread and really appreciate if you get to me. I’m sure you are overloaded.

  2. Added RitsukaValo666 - I just need one last sandstorm gift to get this freaking bug. Always up for the best friend haul too 🙃

  3. So, so happy for you to take this next step on your journey to be so wonderfully you! I’m so excited for you - this is so huge! Be the you that you have always known you are. Your happiness is what matters. 💜

  4. Oh sweetheart, here is a big hug, you deserve to be loved just for being you.

  5. I’ve always collected cool art ones but I recently made friends with someone from Egypt and I am loving their postcards . Also am friends with someone in Butte MO and maybe once a month or so I get a postcard from them that’s ‘ Entrance to Butte’ that just makes me cackle

  6. I’m not American so I’m not really sure how it should be pronounced but to me it’s butt

  7. Congratulations!! That exam isn’t easy, and you kicked some serious butt! I hope you’re able to do something fun and celebrate yourself.

  8. Thank you to everyone who has responded and been so freaking sweet. 🥺 I’m working my way through reading and will respond, I haven’t made my way through yet, because just reading what I have so far has me bawling. Just…thank you so much for your kindness and support and hugs. It really is everything, and you are the sweetest people. Thank you. 🥺💜💜

  9. Sometimes it just helps to get it out, and for me, I communicate better in writing. Also with journaling, it just helps get it out of my head sometimes…and to connect the dots. But I know it’s not for everyone, and everyone doesn’t find it helpful. I just do it when I feel the need. I don’t write if I “have” to.

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