1. Ok this is probably way too niche of a reference, but season 5 of how I met your mother opens on this song in a scene of Ted giving classes at university. I feel like this is a direct reference, can anyone tell me if I'm crazy here ?

  2. Yes, I thought about it too! I recognised this song immediately! Maybe Joe also meet his new Love at university?

  3. We can explain him getting stupider as “too many concussions” 😂😂

  4. He also had a business with hot waiters. Well until he fires all of them after one of them give Lulu extra cherries or something like that in her drink because she's hungry 🤣

  5. I listened to all books, they are different but still good! I recommend to listen with narrator Nick Landrum. He narrated first 4 or 5 books and he's amazing!

  6. ".I'm not morally opposed to murder; I just wish I had the guts to do it" About the Mexican guy, which flat they rented on honeymoon.

  7.  No woman in the history of the world is ever "just sitting around, reading architecture magazines in my old cheerleader uniform"

  8. Russia: First of all, Lorelai woudn't ask for money, because you don't need private school to get To the best university, Just being Smart is enough. And you can easily get a scholarship in university if you pass exams well. Rory woudn't hit by deer, you can have driver licence only when you're 18.

  9. It's weird they they don't lean on anything! It'd be awful to me to sit for hours like this!

  10. At least they remembered almost same day, not few months later as for Brick

  11. Dacha is not the same as Inn in Russia! In episode where Emily had dance from Russia, they discussed it. Dacha is small contryside house for one family.

  12. Same, I love all gis moments but first one that came to mind now was: "No, my father's my father, which means Taylor's my tailor. I wonder how much he charges to hem pants." (When he couldn't find all the rotten eggs before the flower show)

  13. Sue: My drive to drive drove my friends away, so I am done being so driven to drive.

  14. Axl reads his report on a life changing event.

  15. -About how Babbete got engaged- I was on top, no, Morey was on top, we played twister, didn't I say that? -We're not here to Fight, we're here to make love. -It's not my pants. -No, my father is my father is my father, so Taylor is tailor. How much does he take to Hem pants? Following I love Luke Danes! -I thought it was a uniform.

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