1. Thank you for the response. When I say "I can't drive", I'm being literal. You know how normal people can switch focus between the mirrors and the dash and the wheel and the pedals and the windows and distractions in the car relatively well? That's not how my brain works. It's impossible for me to function behind the wheel. It's not fear or ignorance. It's severe monotropism.

  2. Impossible? I learned to “unfocus” or expand my attention tunnel enough to drive safely. It took a lot of practice. I trained my brain by comparing to playing piano which I do very well. A lot of keys requiring precise finger placement, a lot of pedals, notes to look at, etc. A lot of switches and levers, pedals, road signs and traffic to look at, etc. Don’t just say it’s impossible. It may not work for you, but don’t give up until you have put a substantial amount of effort into it.

  3. I did try putting in the effort, and it nearly cost myself and other people their lives multiple times.

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