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  1. If they weren’t she would have miscarried due to not receiving RhoGAM after Ferns pregnancy.

  2. Omg. This made me realize I have this waht. I thought it was normal ????

  3. Frenulum’s are normal, some cause restrictions and that’s when they become an issue

  4. Absolutely. My girls love exploring the land. When we moved them to the upgraded coop they had to stay in to get acclimated and watching them celebrate their freedom made my mind that I could never not free range them.

  5. They don't even count the living babies as patients on postpartum where I am. It's annoying because 5 moms with 5 babies is much more work than 5 moms and 4 babies (1 in NICU). Also sometimes the baby is the one who requires the most care!

  6. What? That’s insane. We definitely count newborns as patients on our unit, and we can be 8:1 for mom baby

  7. The 8 can be a mix of anything, typically we get 3 couplets (3 moms, 3 babies) but you could have whatever up to 8 patients.

  8. I didn’t know. This was my first time having this procedure. I’ve never had surgery before either. I had a wisdom teeth extraction with sedation and wasn’t asked to take a test or whether I was pregnant.

  9. Next time you don’t understand something at the doctors office or hospital ASK. So many people get hot and heavy over things they don’t understand, had they just asked for further clarification it would be a non issue.

  10. I’ve been working on the same book for the last 2 years… it’s a long book and I’m only 90 pages from finished but still.

  11. She posts SO frequently about how to be a gentle, conscious parent and quiet yourself when you are feeling upset by your baby. I had a baby right after Marissa and I have to say I feel like this is the absolute sweet spot of parenting. The newborn days were HARD. And I know the walking, talking, toddler years will be hard. But I am soaking this season up (teething and all).

  12. Just wait until Lila is 3. That’s when things get real. Signed a mom of a current 3 year old who is challenged by the minute.

  13. The over 65 club? They don't have transportation, they don't have caregivers to help at home, they don't have much money and live on social security, they don't think it's bad to miss appts and the circle continues. So when they feel no one cares about them they themselves don't care. I work in Medicare insurance and billing and talk to these people and it's sad and mostly true. We're failing the old big time. Also Medicare covers a lot, but with most plans there's copays and 40$ a visit on 1000 a month is a big chunk of your income.

  14. Dialysis automatically gets you onto Medicare after 3 months, so they aren’t all over 65. I’d wager most are under. It also qualifies a person for disability.

  15. Because stores only get so much in for each delivery. That type of order could wipe stock out of a smaller store for 2 days, and orders are placed 3-4 days prior. So no way to really catch up from that type of order. Where I use to work, we got produce trucks Sunday, Tuesday and Friday mornings.

  16. They make the same $ regardless of it being bought at one time or over 2 days.

  17. Wait... This is a thing? What the fuck!!! (36 weeks pregnant rn)

  18. They get more intense if nursing just an fyi. Heating pad and ibuprofen will be your friend

  19. Hold up, what do you mean while your fish tank is draining??? Other people don’t do the syphon, get fish shit in your mouth then carry the heavy Home Depot bucket to the toilet method…..? Do you have a really really long syphon??

  20. Yeah I just hate getting my hands in the water because the whole top is duckweed and it’s annoying 😂

  21. I must have missed the part of the article that talked about how unstable the man was prior to the completely avoidable death of his child that was directly the result of his mistake.

  22. We got ours from the chicken outfitter. Bought 10 egg layers, all 10 were alive on arrival, they all have been very healthy. We did end up with 2 roosters but they ended up being killed, one hurt it’s leg beyond healing and the other was attacking my kid. Highly satisfied with our experience.

  23. … my toddler is in my husbands photo. They asked if he wanted her in it. Why would she put her sleeping kid down for a card photo that doesn’t matter?

  24. So basically if something goes wrong her and the baby are very very likely to die? No one can intervene???

  25. I’ve taken care of 2 free birth transfers. They both were very close to death when they got to us.

  26. No one can tell you not to report, it is your legal duty as an RN.

  27. I don't like it either, but CPS has limited resources. They don't need to be following up on every single parent that admitted to illicit drug use.

  28. You just can’t look at what you have pieces together until it’s over. I said “just trust the process” probably 15 times a row

  29. Ya consistent 6amer over here 🤪 but I honestly don’t know any toddlers that sleep this late unless they go to bed super late… and even then it’s a stretch!

  30. I have a 3 year old that goes to bed around 7pm and doesn’t wake up until 9, fairly often 10.

  31. No she stopped about 6 months ago. Sometimes she lays down for a bit to relax if it’s going to be a late night.

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