1. For those wondering, I ordered the 110v version from Espressocoffeeshop. Their list price is only €4800, you can also email them for a discount code on top of that

  2. I just looked at the price and the website told me starting at 10,400 dollars, is that true? I could get a Decent and a used Honda for that much?

  3. It's true... If you ordered from a US retailer. I ordered from an international retailer that shipped to the US for less than half that price.

  4. Pleasantly surprised looking at pricing and shipping an espresso machine from overseas. I looked at espressocoffeeshop and it's only $250 to ship to me in the US. With current conversion rate the Sanremo You is $4600 plus $250 for shipping vs buying from a dealer in the states for $8000+

  5. If you have money to burn them maybe the synesso es1, dalla Corte mina, sanremo you.

  6. Go dual boiler. I have a heat exchange and wish I went dual boiler.

  7. I've had the sette for about a year now with no issues. Only complaint is that it's loud.

  8. There's an unofficial owners group on Facebook, lots of problems.

  9. https://www.facebook.com/groups/victoriaarduinoeagleoneprima/?ref=share

  10. I agree, there isn't much innovation but I think thanks to the Decent Espresso machine, manufactures are starting to innovate again and were seeing more and more advanced touch screen machines without the e61 come to the market. It is just a show process and those new machines (sanremo you, Synesso es1, Faema faemina, Unica pro,etc) are really expensive ($4000+). I think in the next 2-3 years as more and more jump on that train, the prices will drop.

  11. Nice, I got the Crem One HX with sette 270wi. Aside from the noise,I like the sette.

  12. In my area; Cortado. My second choice which is more of a drink people don't know how to make correctly is a cappuccino.

  13. I used to buy from Barefoot coffee roasters and Peace coffee.

  14. I'm in a similar boat and was looking into the prime 1 but the issues I've read about turned me off. I have a running list of similar espresso machines that are either out or coming soon. Just waiting for them all to drop so I can read reviews on them. So far on my list are:

  15. I use a knockoff to get 95-98% of the ground out the basket, then a small brush to get the rest.

  16. Why not just shim the 270, and grind into the included cup?

  17. Just from my brief searching there non-e61 dual boilers with flow control are expensive(except for the breville). You'd need looking at something like the decent, Victoria Arduino Prima One, synesso es1, gs3, Unica pro, slayer, Dalla Corte mina, etc

  18. I have it and like it. Only downside is that it is very loud. Works great when my mother comes to visit and she has to make pour overs, easy to switch between the 2 getting sizes. I was able to get an open box one from scg for about $440

  19. More features than the GS3? I don't even see a manual paddle... is it volumetric?

  20. Found it on Instagram but couldn't find any reviews or retailers in the United States.

  21. I dunno why but the fact I just watched usher's tiny desk concert makes this extra funny

  22. Sounds like you're grinding too fine. What happens when you grind courser?

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