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  1. I’m pinging hexwitch because EmpressFrost is her previous account lol. Not accusing you of reposting it’s just funny

  2. Hmm… what could be causing such a massive increase in gender dysphoria? Over 10x increase since 2010. Could it be some sort of chemical in the environment? Have they always been out there but just unwilling to seek help? Could it have something to do with the rise of social media? I’m really curious about this. There must be an explanation.

  3. It's not that there's more trans teens it's just that more of us are speaking out and figuring it out ourselves

  4. If this isn't too invasive, why did you break up with him? Was he a toxic person?

  5. I always imagined him more like that one dude from Lord of the Rings with the long robes and high fashion Elven style, since Freyr was Lord of the Elves.

  6. How you came with this from

  7. Usually they were free items once upon a time- 90% of the time its like the 250g skins, god unlocks, and voice packs/emotes.

  8. I feel u 😭😭 I also am in a frnd group where we all might never meet together again and it's soo hard to let all of em go😭😭😭

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