1. You’ll get a million dollars off your yacht purchase basically

  2. How do you get that slamvan? I’m a big slamvan fan lol or is it just a decal

  3. It’s the bennys upgrade with bennys livery in metallic Saxon blue

  4. Awesome!! I have a bennys slam but never usually put liveries on it. If you look at my recent post, I have epsilon blue everything 😂😂😂 thanks!

  5. Is it a crew colour if not can we get a tutorial or tell us the modifications you put on it. If it’s a crew colour can you let me know what the name is and if the crew is available on Xbox?

  6. The crew would be || Epsilon Program ||. Their crew colour. I can make a video on it though, check out @duckdrippinttv on tiktok

  7. You don't have to do it in one session, I did it 100 tips each day I played to make it less onerous.

  8. Oh weird, every video I seen said it had to be done all at once

  9. That’s nice of you. For approach vehicle: Kosatka

  10. No worries! Quickest I’ve done the setups is about 25 minutes, and if I do the heist where I only grab the primary target and that’s it, I can do it in under 5 minutes. I’ll post it in this reddit and send it to you to show!

  11. Speaking of, some of his ACTUAL og videos don’t have a comments section anymore. They’re disabled because if someone comments on it on how it offends them in the current generation, all of those nostalgic videos. Gone.

  12. Actually this is pretty recent. Something like the banana bus is more iconic

  13. correct, i think snapchat may have made a mistake. it appears as if they locked alot of accounts for no reason

  14. Mine still says perma lock. I’m gonna delete it for a couple days and update you. Keep me posted if anything changes with your snap because a while back I was able to go in and refresh and everything and then it suddenly kicked me out. But I do know that snap locked random people for whatever reason

  15. Hear me out. DO NOT LOG INTO YOUR SNAP OR ANYONES SNAP ON THAT PHONE. You’re most likely device banned. Go and unlock your account on on the computer after you have waited the 24 hour locked period. You will have to either get another phone or use one of your old phones and make absolute sure you’re not breaking any terms or conditions. Snapchat is starting to filter out EVERYTHING you say and device ban for little things. I was told the device ban lifts after a few months to a year but it hasn’t for me just yet and I got locked out in august.

  16. It’s the exact same for me, I’m waiting till December to maybe get a new phone, and I’ll for sure be getting it if the ban isn’t lifted by then. Like I was locked nearing the end of august too

  17. Proud of you man! Can you tab me up to help me out?

  18. Aye duck your Channel be poppin bro! Keep up the grind

  19. Thanks my bro! I’m streaming either tonight or tomorrow so feel free to tune in!!

  20. Just followed as well! Would appreciate the return

  21. Gave you a follow I'll check you out when you're live! If you can check my stream out sometime that would be cool!

  22. I dropped a follow dude CultOMoffGoff on twitch always happy to support small streamers alike myself :)

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