1. This is one of those £50-100 part but many hours in labor situations.

  2. So far, £1k was mentioned as a ceiling but they said they would take a quick look first to be sure the mot tester originally wasn't being overzealous

  3. Bit hard to comment on the price. It feels high but having just had a quick watch of some YouTube videos I can see.

  4. I took out smough first since he didn't dodge my pyromancers

  5. Interesting, I found Smough easier to take out first but it was NG+. I think the instinct is to go Ornstein first because he comes to you.

  6. You might want to post to the U.K. legal advice subreddit as they are very good on this stuff.

  7. Seems like the only thing we can do this point to balance out the internet.

  8. My biggest concern with buying a CAT S performance car like that is what was it doing when it was written off.

  9. The best time to start training was 5 years ago.

  10. I’ve recently bought a 2006 Avensis estate with 145k on the clock and it’s been a great buy.

  11. I drove an 06 with about those miles on it from the uk to Benin. Brilliant car. Starter motor went in Morocco and needed an exhaust bracket welded but other than that it was great. Didn’t use a drop of oil and drove on small appalling roads and also desert.

  12. Nice. Strangely enough my starter motor sounds a abit unhealthy. But with that mileage something is going to go.

  13. £50 for brake fluid? £17 for rear number plate bulbs?

  14. I tend to replace if I’ve bought a car just for peace of mind.

  15. Let me tell you why, I've sold a few cars in the last few years for my family since they're not very tech savvy and I hate it with a passion, I'd rather see every car burn than to have to sell another one. Let's say I'm selling a car for 10k that's about 13-14k when buying from a dealer.

  16. One of the most accurate things I’ve read on the internet.

  17. Presumably if it’s failed an MOT, you take it somewhere for the work to be done, then it would need to be retested to get an MOT.

  18. Its not your ABS kicking in unexpectedly is it? Sensor or cylinder issues can cause it to come on unexpectedly. Hopefully not but it’s a possibility.

  19. Came here to say boxster but been beaten to it. However if you shop very carefully and get a bit lucky you might just break into cayman territory.

  20. Thanks buddy, I don't think alfas are as bad as people say, very excited

  21. I agree wholeheartedly, being blunt about it the office would be fine with me working from home so if it has to go in for repairs then such as it is.

  22. I will get shouted at for this but I’ve recently bought an old Avensis estate and as a ‘drivers car’ it’s below average. But as a shed to transport things to the tip, move stuff about and take on long motorway journeys it has been superb.

  23. OP well done for asking, you should always check but 99% sure it’s a scam.

  24. Run away. At least they found issue before delivery.

  25. I’m no expert but I think someone has replaced their engine with a bag of spanners

  26. The only thing I would add to this is remember when they sell it they will sell it with a warranty.

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