1. So based on these lines from the origin, assuming the ratio or goals to games keeps like it is, Aguero and Henry could have achieved as many goals as Shearer in less games. Hopefully Kane stays in the league long enough to see someone beat the record in my lifetime!

  2. Which current Chelsea midfielder does he resemble the most? From the highlights he seems like a more goal oriented kova. Would someone please break it down for me?

  3. Through my research I found that sell BTC and reinvest into ETH when the market is rising like crazy, ath for ETH is commonly behind BTC by like 3 weeks

  4. Did you make it over word or used some online tool?

  5. I made it using modern cv template in latex. You can use it through overleaf.com

  6. Make your CV in latex, in LaTeX you can embed links by using href tag and there are loads of tutorials, so when your CV is opened as a pdf , clicking on the project title can take the person to your project webpage

  7. Thanks, that’s what I am doing! I am uncertain about the section it belongs in It is not a publication, and not quite a work experience Do you think I should have it’s own section for this project?

  8. I am applying for M.S. in stats and data science in the US without GRE. I have a 3.4 GPA from my undergrad and three years of working in the industry straight out of college. I feel that experience + personal projects + good letters of recommendation should suffice, and GRE will only be a tiny marginal benefit, if it goes well for me

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