1. So then they don't test them with the ones sold at the dispensary

  2. One of my favorite from the streets back in the day

  3. Damn some of u guys must have a different batch or something because mine have nice size buds and looks and smells amazing

  4. Live resin I get them all the time they r never cloudy it looks like the batch didn't get thin enough

  5. I also took a hit on this look at the date its almost expired already

  6. It funny that people that get a tour think they see it all lmao what about behind the closed door that you don't get to see behind lmao hilarious

  7. And where the hell is our buds at I'm sick of small shit

  8. Ohio has to be making the most out of any state for medicalccannabis we have the highest prices in the country

  9. Idk prices really but I saw 2g of wax for $35 up there but idk the quality of said wax or anything or really where idk I’m high af

  10. U can get really good concentrates from other states for like 7 dollars a gram full grams

  11. They can and will do what they want cannabis is still illegal and until it's legal they can do whatever it's a " Scheduled two narcotic" lmao this is why we need to make it legal this year

  12. My dude In Colorado gets 7 dollar grams from his dispensary on the daily and its multiple kinds I'm sure if them shops and companies can survive like that ares can too

  13. Well the ones raving are raving about artifact over jus reg galanes items .

  14. Yeah definitely gas I just got a 1/2 of smalls but we all know certified is all smalls sooo

  15. Make sure when you are signing up you are a registered voter first or it don't count

  16. I'm sure they already have a plan they knew this was goin to be the outcome

  17. Grab u some sour blue diesel its a sativa I love it for my first smoke of the day

  18. That's correct, lol. Reassuring to know I'm not alone.

  19. It will come he's my doctor also just takes him a min sometimes

  20. I got the artifact second breakfast 31.6% it's a 10/10 the whole 5.66 was one bud and it was 5.86

  21. Yeah its absolutely perfect definitely in my top 5 now

  22. Yeah my dispensary doesn't usually have the artifact line its the first time and I'm glad I got it thats the biggest nug I've had yet in the program

  23. So u guys think k this person is lying my guess is when they package these containers they don't put lids on right when they fill the jar. I'm guessing there is 40 jars they fill then slap lips on them all when done filling so why couldn't a bug fly in before the lid goes on and if u think they look in every jar your crazy

  24. You do know the law doesn't specify the distance one has to stand away from a door right your outside as long as the smoke can't enter the build your not breaking the law so if u do report it make sure u know the law

  25. Unless the Business or entity specifies a distance you can smoke.

  26. Right there's not a law that says a distance just that the smoke can not enter back in a building so please know the law before reporting someone for not breaking the law lol

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