1. This is where making too many legendaries really starts to bite you. Focus on one hero per faction at a time, and you’ll never run into this cap.

  2. You have to ascend more heroes. Doesn’t matter how many stars they have. The max crystal level increases by 5 per ascended hero.

  3. Looks like a GPU memory issue to me but try reinstalling drivers, it might fix it.

  4. First of all, you only need to level up 5 heroes and put the rest of your usable heroes to Resonating Crystal. So, reset all of them, level up Golus, Silvina, Ira, and another fodder to level 100, then level up Mirael until 140. After that, level up those 4 heroes above to 120 and level up Mirael to 160.

  5. If you leveled more than 5 heroes to 100, reset them all starting from the 6th hero, you only need to lvl 5 heroes with the highest ascension tier (even if u dont use them) and use the resonate crystal to level the rest.

  6. If i had to choose between fucking you or entering heaven, ill choose you.

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