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  1. Way better is a strong statement. You're shaving less than an inch off length and slimming the slide but you're also making the gun snappier to shoot. Everybody has the preferences but it's hard to beat a 19.

  2. I've put together SO many of those types of things. Expensive custom ones, cheap Chinese ones... I fuckin love it. It's a high stakes LEGO set with no instructions, and I just love them. Customer is paying for my time to sit and figure it out, and I get to be possibly the only person who'll ever actually know how it was put together beyond the creator.

  3. Is it true big truck cause they can’t fuck? Ima city boy and heard a guy say it on job site had me dying laughing

  4. Too many features but good overall and deluxe is def need at least a 15 clip

  5. Nah I don’t think they’re going to like it too much. They expected songs like that soul song they were playing last episode. The album sounded nothing like that..

  6. oh nooOoOO, not the tweets that hurt people!!! That's like, literally Hitler!!!

  7. “Make America Great” again phrase age better than wine 🍷

  8. He counted that same money 3x during video he showing out seeing as he just got locked up for a robbery

  9. Naw that’s how it is with these new barbers that run on these apps they squeeze walking in when the got time until their appointment start

  10. Maintenance Electrician once you start working shoulders up and not shoulders down that’s when shit get sweet.

  11. What you mean shoulders up not shoulders down?

  12. Meaning getting paid for your knowledge( shoulders up) oppose to hard labor (shoulders down) my project manager told me that line in my early 20’s, now in my early 30s I do maintenance for government, when the task too much we call companies into fix it

  13. I did the same thing. Wish I waited for a fullsize FN instead of taking the compact

  14. Yea I have normal size hands I believe and that compact grip was just way too small

  15. I wish I would have went full size I still kinda new to guns and From my experience I realize full size grips is best for my hands(comfort)

  16. Hell naw I never even been detained before and being from Baltimore at 31 that’s unheard of, do your time for your crime and don’t force me to choose between you and I

  17. Nah you’re a unicorn. And you got the hoes.. 😂😂😂 I’m 33 and before I moved my mom back in 2013. It was 6 to 1, women to men. Niggas were locked up or dead.. never been detained?? You were tellin!!😂😂😂 jk.. Good on ya fam

  18. Luckily I never put self in a lot of bad situations I was around all the same shit but I literally learned from everybody mistakes. But I tell anybody if you dirty and we get caught you might as well volunteer to go 😂😂😂😂 cause ima get that reward money 💰😂😂😂$5k per person 😆😆😆😆

  19. Or just completely avoid the point & the question I guess... You do you lol. That alone proves a lot.

  20. This actually came up with my daughter recently she was drawing pictures of herself and I. in the picture she had me her dad wearing a dress, I didn’t get mad at her but I did explain to her that men don’t wear dresses. That led to other questions but it is a way to explain that to a child and not be a bad person

  21. Men can wear dresses if they want. It's a piece of clothing. There's nothing wrong about it. If something doesn't cause any harm, and the person enjoys it, then what's the problem?

  22. I don’t have a problem with it, To each it’s own. But the way I was raised is dresses are for women, I’m neither saying I’m right nor saying you are wrong

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