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  • By - trufk

  1. Probably on pay with how different some religious people view the lord vs the devil. I make a conscious effort to treat everyone with respect and dignity, and to go out of my way for the ones I love....but there is absolutely a monster right below the surface that's on call.

  2. This is such a wholesome thread. I think OP got their answer, and might have learned just how rarely men receive compliments.

  3. Ukraine will put those people on the front line, and when they die it will rally support from the nations those people came from. Typical wartime propaganda.

  4. By land and likely be a prepper. Go off grid in a place with few people and a lot of wildlife.

  5. No. That drive is essential to our being imo and being able to control that energy and make it productive is like a superpower.

  6. Do my best to avoid temptation. Call out a few for being horrible people. Apologize to a few that I was horrible people to.

  7. These thing will be worth a lot in that scenario. Tobacco, coffee, etc will have huge trade value. People that have a lot to trade would definitely pay big to enjoy a bottle of whiskey or a good cigar once they are no longer readily available.

  8. A conflict that will further disrupt western oil supply will help the powers push the climate change agenda.

  9. Overall, yes I am. It's big enough that I know without a doubt size will never be an issue, but I don't let it be my defining characteristic.

  10. All the scientists and educated are taking the vaccine. Seems to me it's the people running everything that will die if the vaccine is fatal.

  11. There have been a lot of claims that this is not actually the case, and that the higher ups and people of davos etc have not actually taken it. However, with real facts being near impossible to come by, it's not something that can be debated logically. The only point I can debate is that you said "ALL the scientists and educated" where the word ALL is absolutely not accurate as many have come out against it, and many more have made claims that they have taken it because of their faith in science and reason but after time has passed are having doubts about their choice.

  12. Yeah the vaccine is debatable in many ways. Here we are talking about it being a de-population weapon. And I don't see the benefits of it as such. Many good points to be taken from others, like why only kill the gullible if you want control?

  13. That's the contradictive question for me too. Unless control is not the objective....but i can't bring myself to put that much faith in powerful people.

  14. Find a leather jacket or piece of clothing from good will, and put corner patches on all 4 corners with large rivet buttons. Done right it will like retro 1930s like it was supposed to be there.

  15. He's had an obsession about pandemics for a long time. I visited the Georgia Guide stones a few months ago and ended up pulling up an article afterwards from 2007? I think? Where he talked about population control via vaccines, and a pandemic would be the perfect front for that. He's not subtle about it either. I understand that population control could greatly benefit us as a race, but no amount of talking about it makes genocide ok (or genocide via mass sterilization, which I think is the goal)

  16. No it's not. I've had both (except it was either before omicron), the flu is much worse.

  17. My wife has given me the least validation of any woman I've ever been with, and also is the only one that doesn't always want to have sex with me. Sometimes it's disappointing, but it's nice knowing that it has nothing to do with why she loves me.

  18. 5-15 minutes for me, and I almost always wish I had another 5-10 minutes but my wife has usually had enough by then. Longer risks her tapping out on me.

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