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  1. Oh, it's been so quiet on Twitter lately..

  2. I doubt something which looks like a small apartment carries a large part of their disinformation campaign, sadly :(

  3. Did they just add super infront of highway? Will this be anything other than just a strip of land with mby some markers?

  4. Man, its such a shame that the Russian goverment is what is what it is. The country has some serious beutiful nature. I have also played with some people in Russia whom wants nothing to do with the horrendous war in Ukraine, but are lumped together with the people whom support it. FUCK PUTIN :)

  5. Varför fick religös och skola var i samma ord från början???!?

  6. If you did it by reading docs then yes, but if you are following a tutorial then I have a bad news for you

  7. Stop with the gatekeeping. Following a tutorial and then playing around with what happends if you change values is a great way to learn something you're new to.

  8. Could be. Hopefully a solution will appear to avoid regular outages.

  9. I live in Southern Sweden and l dont even remember having an outage lasting more than an hour, and I think I remember 2 outages which lasted like 30 min, this is in like 15 years....

  10. Great Britain might take a little while but only because we're in the middle of changing party leaders right now after Boris was forced to resign

  11. They should add a Challenge that rewards you for banning Yone. “You are in top 1% of Yone haters”

  12. World doesn't giva a shit about your country or your countrys nato application

  13. Maybe but clearly there are challenges to flying in contested airspace. MANPAD availability being a pretty big game changer. We assume air superiority but this war has shown an ability to (mostly) deny the sky to an enemy everybody thought would dominate it.

  14. Im not an expert but as far as I understand most Nato fighters have targeting pods allowing them to drop ordinance accuratley from well outside manpad range, then its the question of those pesky S-400s

  15. NATO fighters are mostly for air-superiority/strategic strikes. Numbers that are well suited to close air support are much more limited.

  16. Isnt that why JDAMs where so good? You could just use old munitions and slap some fins to them

  17. I truly don't get why java gets so much hate, one of my favorite languages

  18. It feels like a worse version of Scala to me, which I guess uses the jvm, the jvm is really cool tho

  19. All my homies ban Yasou every game, not because I have problems facing him, but because dislike yasou players

  20. I wonder how many league players know L’hopital’s rule.

  21. Saved my ass, I was really bad at limits but really Good at derivations

  22. PKK does everything to realize their own interests. They kill people in Turkey, they play with images in Europe. I know that they are playing with images. but that doesn't concern me. your own mess, deal with it. bye bye nato.

  23. Because of course they did. They want Ukrainians to starve to death.

  24. tbf to the Russians(I know not a sentence I want to say) I doubt they knew it was food inside it and they prolly hoped it was expensive weapons.

  25. They don't give a shit what's in it. They don't think there's expensive weapons in the apartment buildings

  26. Yeah, thats not a valid military target :) Neither are kindergartens.

  27. Remind me of how Turkeys economy is doing, and tell me how ppl avoiding Turkish brands Will help

  28. Wait, now when I think about I dont think I know of a single Turkish brand except Bayraktar. Yall cant innovate?!?

  29. But what drives you to do stuff if you cant run them into somebodies base?? Played ark from 2015 to 2020 and stopped because everyone now hides their base in a cave or crashes their server or detected you using steam API and instantly cap the server.

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