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  1. legend has it he had the box in his car during monaco…

  2. For real I have no idea what's going on, why is kmag out, what happened with leclerc, how did Albino get puncture...

  3. Yes but obviously a joke. So dont think instantly he has this opinion (i know how much people love to do it). It could be his opinion but most likely it isnt.

  4. To make things clear. I don't have the opinion that women belong to the kitchen. I was just making a joke because of the stereotype.

  5. I don't get the hate in the comment section, this funny af

  6. One of the craziest moments in sporting history!

  7. What history? His career is still literally ongoing.

  8. Imagine choosing to boycott that show when you could have saved yourself the trouble and never have watched it in the first place

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