1. ooh la la someone wants to bang his sister...

  2. Eek barba durkle someone wants to bang his sister

  3. Bro yes, happens all the time to me now.

  4. Seriously. The fact that people were calling him informed and intelligent because he said, “Trump is trying to divide us,” was some ridiculousness. Most basic ass statement. Then the Morey and Hong Kong statements that he got clowned for when he said he wasn’t gonna speak on it because he’s not up to date on what’s happening despite calling out Morey for being “uninformed.” No one fears LeBron. Jordan and Kobe stepped on the court and teams knew.

  5. Watch the video where Kendrick Perkins talks about literally PRAYING TO GOD that LeBron James broke his leg so he didn't have to play him. And then come back and tell me "no one" fears Bron.

  6. How can you not be a fan of his best album??

  7. I wouldn't say Beth is anymore selfish than a normal person in a situation like her would be.

  8. god i hated that episode SO much and i can’t believe people hate incest baby more than it. Incest baby is painful but after watching ABCs of beth i turned my tv off

  9. Why didn't u like it? I thought it was pretty ok, established some new canon w/ the Beth clone storyline.

  10. I know there is a difference between nice and good, so looking at everyones nice side, I would have to say Frenchie, the one character that I was not at all interested in at the begining.

  11. You have to remember hes killed multiple children though

  12. "Sea cucumber!! Sea cucumber!!!"😂

  13. Kyrie simultaneously subscribes to left-adjacent conspiracy theories within the black community and far right conspiracy theories peddled by white nationalists. He might be the most ideologically incoherent man alive.

  14. The best description of KAI i've ever heard 😂😂

  15. Youtube has the episodes for about 2 dollars a pop

  16. Great analysis, but you have to think about Dumb Rick from the citadel episode that was in the classroom.

  17. Eh, it's a throwaway gag. Or Tall Morty is the result of some experiment gone wrong or something, and wasn't always like that.

  18. Most likely lol, a really good gag at that.

  19. Dababy completely fell off hes not strong enough to stand alone after a yb feature. Gunna and baby are basically one. Est gee not gonna make a song with top. 42 dugg was close to von nardo is an durk opener at show ur being delusional

  20. Dababy got 32M monthly listeners on Spotify, how is that a falloff?

  21. Its just not original, like most niggas listen to him already. She just feels like its nothing special ig.

  22. In season 1, Homelander didn't talk to Becca at all until the end, when he already had saved Butcher... What you're saying happened in season 2.

  23. Yes, but I meant he shouldn't have saved him at the end of season 1.

  24. He wanted a relationship with his son more than anything though. If Becca killed herself in front of Ryan, that would never happen with him. Which is why Butcher still lived.

  25. That makes so much sense, I didn't even think about that

  26. Am I the only one who thinks SB is the good guy? He doesn't seem to want to hurt innocents, he's very restrained except for his PTSD episodes. He just wants to clear out the filth, and he's honouring his deal with Butcher. I know the show tried to make him out to be the villain, but I don't think so.

  27. He clearly didn't care about innocents when he chucked a Honda through MM's house

  28. Racism is not gone sir. Far from it. Just because it was "outlawed" doesn't mean every single person stopped being racist. There's your "fan theory".

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