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  1. Learning CG on leagues and being able to do it on my iron without Cox prayers. 460kc with 1 armor seed and no enhanced. The pressure to get spooned is lifted. Now when I boot up the game and just stare at my screen for 10 minutes, I just send a run or two then log off

  2. If you really have 1 armor seed at 460kc, you're one of the unluckiest people at CG.

  3. For me, alchemy is a pain. I finished telekinetic and enchanting for master wand+inf boots+mages book, but alchemists room made me quit the place.

  4. Boaty also plays osrs for a living, it’s not quite the same lol

  5. Well, it is the same. Odds are the same, what does it matter if a no-lifer does 200kc in a week or a casual gets the same kc in a year?

  6. Try to get Balota airfield spawn to get closer to good loot.

  7. Depending on your rc lvl, true blood rc can be 1.5m/h (2m/h with essence at 99rc/93agi but that’s pretty steep), hydra/cg are incredible for money

  8. Is 99rc just for pouch degradation, or any other advantages?

  9. Go 3k dry at hydra like me.

  10. Doesn’t mean that much when you’re being powerleveled. Maybe saves you 1 extra rift?

  11. It's 15% more xp per player and 1-70 PL is done in 3, max 4 rifts, so maybe not even 1 rift.

  12. You are right! My bad, dunno why i wrote that.

  13. And what about the silencer? Both use the same one.

  14. 9mm ammo has a higher health and shock damage compared to .45ACP in this game. Also, SGK-5 has a higher RPM. For zombie clear, USG has a better recoil control and shooting is smoother, but against players, SGK-5 has a higher DPS

  15. They have same shock damage (40) and SGK has a little higher health damage than USG (40 vs 37.6) that drops off faster and is worse at 50m+ (which is range you wouldn't use any of these weapons anyway).

  16. It would be pretty cool to have your own patches in POH in game, now when thinking about it.

  17. I think he is just saying that in general survivability is the biggest hurdle. I kinda agree with him. I always find myself doing plenty of damage and have to work harder to assure my survivability. With just about any build. Irrespective of following a build guide or not.

  18. Sure, but that's what I'm saying. You have many many options to trade some damage for survivability. It's only 'hurdle' if you go full damage in all aspects (paragon, gear, gems, skills/passives).

  19. I know this. But how many pieces have +100% or more damage, and now many pieces have 50% damage reduction? There's a ton of pieces that increase damage by well over 100%.

  20. Normal level has monsters having 100% health and doing 100% damage.

  21. Back in the days where zombies could run through houses. The only safe place was a second floor.

  22. Killer stairs one shotting you when you tried going down was much worse than a zombie.

  23. Small rocks are never around when you need them.

  24. Then stop running. Small rocks spawn when you are near a small rock spawn points (railroad and those paths for turists), but it takes a minute. If you just run past, you won't find any.

  25. What do you do with small stones. I know you can craft a knife, and create a flagpole. Is there any other use for small stones?

  26. Basically just knife. Flagpole uses large stones.

  27. From Kadala? The difficulty doesn't matter. And yes, gambling earlier on typically gives much better results for getting the items you're after.

  28. Unless the item you are after has lvl70 requirement (or any 'higher than yours' lvl requirement) so be careful with this advice and check maxroll gambling calculator for what you can and can't get at any level.

  29. I got a Rama gift and added a socket to my weapon. Next, I got a crucible and used it, and it wiped out my socket! So be aware of that.

  30. Considering it gives you "new" weapon with new stats when you use crucible, it makes sense to wipe any previous ones, like socket.

  31. What the fuck have I just watched 😃

  32. Pretty much any full auto weapon shooting 5.45, 5.56 or 7.62x39

  33. Well in their role they're basically the best gun in the game (cqb geared guy shredding). It's moreso that the role is too niche to be a common secondary, and to big/burdensome to be a 3rd gun. That doesn't exactly mean they're trash and should be taken out. It is just that the game balance isn't great for them at the moment. Their niche is too small, but they are great within that niche.

  34. See you're trying to argue with me like I ever said VSS is trash. And you chose to die on that hill, so this is my last response.

  35. I dont agree with that. The armor shred has value, the lower recoil has value, the suppressor has value and most importantly the shorter gun length has a lot of value. Shooting building to building the M4 is better, but clearing, say, an apartment building for a camper the SVAL is atleast nearly even.

  36. Good lord. Going from facts to this, you went downhill quickly. You don't have to agree with facts, but then it's your personal preference, not objective facts.

  37. Boil dirty water till 100 degrees and its drinkable. Never tried it?

  38. Works irl, not in DayZ, you still get cholera.

  39. I don't see how this would be chill though, I am always on edge for gasbombs amd zombies when looting citys and trying not to die to colds when on and from my way to base

  40. It's chill because what you mentioned is all in the online version WITH PvP which is the cause of ~95% of all deaths in DayZ.

  41. Probably, haven't had the chance to play solo up until now and if I ever should get bored by it, I can just join another server where there are players, It's just nice to be able to play in piece

  42. Oh I bet. I was thinking about doing it myself. Just building stuff, shooting zombies without fear of my life and hoarding top tier stuff in my storage 😃

  43. By the way, disenfecting rags to make gloves does nothing, it makes the same gloves as using dirty rags. Only the quality level of rags determines if gloves are pristine/worn/...

  44. I mean I've tested it before because I've gotten a friend to shoot me with a mozin with and without the vizor and with it I survive and without I die so idk

  45. If it was ever the case, it no longer works this way.

  46. I think it still works, maybe you haven't done enough testing. You know the shots in this game can hit you neck and count as you got headshot. So the visor won't protect that. If it his directly on the visor then yeah it will cover. I think most people haven't tested this enough, but i've seen it work and the visor is broken afterwards.

  47. Well, data don't lie, but if you show me a video of one headshot with and without visor with whatever caliber, where one is surviving and other not (from same distance, same weapon), then I will believe you.

  48. Doesn't matter, any class has some builds for pushing, for T16/GR90 farming, for paragon lvling and for bounties. Just pick what you enjoy the most and find the build for what you want to do.

  49. Kill 3 of them, rest will retreat.

  50. If you throw some meat, they’ll get distracted and go for the meat instead

  51. That's true but only because ANY item will distract them. It doesn't have to be meat.

  52. Yep, those need 2 shots to the head.

  53. I prefer the mk2 cuz it doesn't alert other zombies like the suppressed 45 do. Does the suppressed bizon alert other zombie at all?

  54. It's not the sound of the gun that alerts zombies. It's the sound of a bullet hitting a surface.

  55. Unlucky. No need to have meat on you, YOU are already meat for the wolves.

  56. Ay man lets just pretend your compass is badly damaged and you've mistake the sides of the map aight?

  57. Ay man let's just pretend your compass was ruined.

  58. I think you took it wrong what I said, basically you are crushing our dreams of Sunsets in Solnichniy. And if you would've accepted that your compass is badly damaged we could keep our name and our dream.

  59. Oooh, that's entirely new meaning 😃 Yeah yeah, I guess I just drank too much water with bloody hands and got dizzy, must have mixed up my orientation.

  60. I think it was too heavy as well. But that, that i didnt know, if i knew..

  61. Everyday you learn something new, otherwise life would be boring 😃

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