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  1. Ahh yes, I-15 around the point of the mountain. Always some fun shenanigans going on around there.

  2. Every trip to SU sucks because I have to drive through Utah county to get there and drive through it coming home... Fuck Utah county, they all drive like window lickers

  3. Honestly the only somewhat safe way to escape salt lake is I80 west. I15 is a shit show from Ogden to Provo and parleys might be the most dangerous highway in the country.

  4. Great swing! Looks way too good to get any meaningful advice from this sub unfortunately

  5. The only bad part is that there is no universal standard for ski ratings. They are up to the discretion of the resort. I have 2 resorts near me that have vastly different ratings. Some blacks on one resort are blues on another. So the idea seems fine in theory really it's much less useful than learning what course ratings are.

  6. You’re right. I live close to snowbird and most of the blues there are closer to blacks anywhere else.

  7. Got paired with an older gentleman who brought 4 clubs with him. Driver, 3 iron, 7 iron, and a putter. all at least 40 years old. He had his t shirt tucked into his cargo shorts and was wearing this huge sun hat. Proceeded to tell me how it’s unnecessary to carry 14 clubs and how he used to be a single digit handicap using only these 4 clubs.

  8. If he had swapped driver for sw, he might’ve actually had a chance at a score

  9. Yeah you can definitely do the job with less than a full set. Getting it done with a 7i as your highest loft is a bit tougher lol

  10. Make it a 3 hybrid You still need a hybrid. Woods are great but you need something to hit out of thick lies for distance as well

  11. Plenty of people play without a hybrid. I’ve only hit my hybrid 4 or 5 times in my last 15 rounds. Feels like I’d get more use out of a different club.

  12. That’s fair, I guess we all play different. What’s your go to thin rough but distance shot?

  13. If it’s thin rough I usually just come a little steeper down on the ball to get ball first, thick rough if I have to carry over 180 I usually just lay up. Have been trying to avoid hero shots.

  14. Good lord. Getting mine ceramic coated soon and I couldn’t be more excited.

  15. watch out for trucks and SUVs driving home from the shop :/

  16. After seeing all these posts I will be trailering it home after the ceramic coating

  17. For a 12 you should be averaging around 32-34 putts. I looked this up recently because I also have been struggling with my putting.

  18. It’s so nice. Never realized what a rat race it is driving in a cart until I walked. So much more peaceful, some added exercise, and it keeps you loose and helps you play better.

  19. My go to for holes like this are to play to the front of the green number. Puts an easier club to hit in my hands. Can sometimes take trouble out of play. If I catch a good one it’ll roll onto the green, if not I have a straightforward chip/pitch that I feel good about getting up and down.

  20. That’s an interesting take I may try that one next time

  21. Obviously depends on whether the hole is guarded by bunkers or water, but this has been my strategy on reachable par 5’s and longer 4’s. Doesn’t result in a ton of phenomenal shots but has kept me out of trouble.

  22. I’m playing here in September (not local rate obviously, rip bank account), how tough of conditions do they keep the course in? Long rough and fast greens or is it pretty playable?

  23. That’s fair I guess. Just feels counterintuitive to hit a 7 iron off the tee on a par 5. Understandable if that’s the longest club you feel comfortable hitting straight

  24. I don’t feel too bad about bringing my own brews on the course. I’d happily buy them from the course if they had any that were reasonably priced

  25. That’s brutal dude.. Guess it’s time to get the putter and chips dialed for next year!

  26. yeah Kendrick fans are so smart. that's why they overrate his garbage music and pretend to like his bad songs.

  27. i don't care what you think. i lost all respect for kendrick fans after them gassing up that VERY bad, boring album that has NO REPLAY VALUE. i think the majority of kendrick fans dont listen to other rap music or at least can't be objective about his music. drake is the better rapper / artist and he's going to wash away that fucking album like a flood. goodbye mr morale.

  28. Adding a new meaning to the term “smoked turkey”

  29. How did you like sawgrass? I told myself when I'm able to break consistently 80 at my club I'll treat myself to sawgrass. Was the experience worth it?

  30. Dude, I thought it was incredible. I was on cloud 9 from the second the clubhouse was in sight. It was my first “bucket list” course so I don’t have much to compare it to, but it definitely set a high bar.

  31. Perfect, yeah I'm pretty excited. Will probably try to play it in the off-season but as close to peak season as possible lol.

  32. I played it a few weeks after the players, so the range was all torn up and a few of the greens didn’t look pristine, they rolled just fine tho. Everything else was pretty spectacular. Never seen a course with more defined stripes on the fairway. Looked almost fake lol.

  33. I recently shot a 84 with 39 putts. Hit 10 greens. I’ve been watching Zalatoris’ putting stroke too much I guess.

  34. I actually have a V64 that gets 4 gallons per mile. Beat that.

  35. That’s not the tee box that’s the drop zone. Unless you did this for photo-op purposes, you didn’t birdie anything.

  36. Pro tees are over to the right and a little further back. Every other tee is on the left side.

  37. Great shot! I played there a few months ago, stuck my tee shot to about 8 ft and then hammered the birdie putt about 8 ft the other way lol.

  38. I’ve shot both a 72 and over 100 in my last 10 rounds. Golf is black magic and nothing makes any sense.

  39. My favorite is seeing a tee in the middle of a divot, leaning forward half pulled out of the ground on a par 3. Really tells a story.

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