1. Its a secret rare. Rainbows and such are secrets so they arent in the main set number. This is normal, dw.

  2. They have a Fujiwaras Tofu Shop sticker which pains me so much. Great anime (Initial D) but on a shitty car

  3. I hope they park right where you have to see them every day fuckin loser.

  4. Why tf was she pregnant anyways, sounds like a problem on its own.

  5. I found something above the "Ready?" sign at the end of the predrop.

  6. You have to uninstall the original frl then install the the modded one but don't use happy mod it's ass and modding frl is kinda getting boring too

  7. So whats a different mod i could use for it?

  8. If you mean happymod by "mod" I would just recommend modding yourself with game guardian for example. Or if your to lazy for that just use websites that other people that are not 7 Years old trust but I won't recommend any here sry

  9. If you dont mind could you send me a recommendation in dms?

  10. A way to turn on the pop up headlights instead of the lights just being up without producing any light.

  11. Baby murderers who are supported by society.

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