1. He’s basically trying to say that 99% of the time the player that was/is at the top of any battlefield leaderboard is not a legitimate player. They cheat so that’s why they’re at the top of the leaderboards

  2. Doesn’t matter if it’s the truth you don’t tear down your teammates in front of the entire world.

  3. He’s tearing no one down directly and he’s including himself. We clearly need someone to light the match again because we’ve been fucking awful in our past two matches. You’d think we’ve settled in at mid table again, not a team fighting for Champions League football next season. We were praising the team a bit ago for starting to show physicality again and shit house a bit and now we’re playing soft again like we’ve got nothing to fight for.

  4. If this is true it definitely requires Tarik’s attention

  5. How can you? Lmao. Man blew it big time. If I was Arteta I would have been pulling him off the pitch after his first yellow. It was so obvious to see he was targeting Son and going to get a second yellow

  6. Depends, Arsenal were already having issues with defenders and now they lose Holding for the possible 'must win' game against a Newcastle who look resurgent?

  7. Well after Holdings performance tonight I don’t think we want him playing in our final two games anyway

  8. There is no massive advantage with m+k players on Xbox. Now if you are talking about PC players then sure it’s not even close. At least aim wise. Being able to do multiple things at once without button/key restrictions is the only real advantage on console.

  9. There is a massive advantage. It is much easier to aim on mnk. Mnk can flick and move their aim faster than someone on controller. This is largely what high ranked lobbies are on console, it’s mnk players moving quickly because they can adjust their aim faster than someone on controller.

  10. I just think people like to use the excuse that so and so is using m+k to explain why they lost a gun fight. Majority of those players you think is using a m+k isn’t using one. And there is plenty of bad m+k players as well.

  11. I absolutely agree on that. People definitely falsely accuse. I’ve been accused of being mnk many times before. Is mnk beatable? Yes absolutely, but you can’t say it doesn’t give an unfair advantage or no advantage at all. We all know this game isn’t just about aim. Some silver mnk player still wouldn’t stand a chance against a diamond controller player. But that’s not what ranked is. These players wouldn’t get matched up. An mnk diamond player playing against a controller diamond player is a different situation. Can the controller player still win? Of course I wouldn’t be still hitting diamond if they couldn’t, but most of the time the controller player has to perform at over 100% and adapt to it. Like I said it’s all high ranked play has turned into on console. It’s mnk players playing extremely aggressive because they know if they catch you off guard or they wide swing you they most of the time have you beat because they can react faster and has you said yourself they can do multiple things at once which gives them an even higher advantage to take on that aggressive playstyle

  12. Yup exactly. If reverse friendly fire gets activated for you then any damage you do to a teammate will just damage you and not them

  13. The FOV performance is great but the graphical issues need to be addressed. At some points you can practically see through walls

  14. I believe an example I’ve seen is on coastline. Go to kitchen and stand all the way back against the wall facing towards kitchen door that leads out to sunrise. If you look through the door out to sunrise that table by the sunrise window is completely gone while not aiming down sights. This is just one example of it. I’m sure the more time given the community will find even worse pop in issues

  15. It allows you to see enemies through objects. On Xbox series X.

  16. Yeah high fov causes major pop in. On the new map the fountain stairs wall will disappear if you stand far enough away at the top allowing you to see someone’s head if they’re coming up


  18. Just really interested to see how it effects the performance

  19. As a Hibana main, trust me guys. To the all downvoting guys, shoot 2 pellets outside the hatch to destroy Claw. And that way U can get rid of electricity and open hatch with another 4 pellets

  20. This does work but it’s not as viable as you’re making it sound. Much rather just ban Kaid. There is only one spot I’ve seen this used often and that’s just for kitchen hatch on clubhouse. Not saying it’s the only spot but it’s the most common one I’ve seen and it’s still better to just ban kaid so you can get the other hatches as well

  21. Consistency? Ok then well let’s just remove every passive in the game, give every op the same guns, same secondary gadgets, etc… you know, for consistency.

  22. Hey I’m just giving you an answer off what they said don’t hate me. Here’s the quote I’m referring to from the patch notes “Adding this vulnerability should make it more obvious at a glance how abilities affect all Operators, “

  23. How about they glance at the GASMASK ON HIS FACE. I didn’t think Ubi could get this stupid

  24. They mentioned that as well lol. “even if they are technically wearing a gas mask” should have included that as that’s the rest of the quote from the notes

  25. Y’all are way over exaggerating this change. The two claymores, bandit, and nomad/oryx change are bigger than this

  26. Finally a guy who posts something on this sub about the smoke 'nerf' that I agree with. It's a change that is pointless. Is it bad, no. Is it good, also no. But is it straight up pointless and just something the community goes crazy about, absolutly!

  27. Agreed. So many takes where I question if I’m even playing the same game as people. Saw a post earlier where someone suggested that due to this change Ubisoft should just take out reinforcements and destruction too. Like what? It’s a pointless change that doesn’t make sense yes, but not one that kills the entire formula of what siege is.

  28. Even if people were complaining about him this change would definitely not fix why people dislike smoke. Smoke is area/entry denial hardly do you see a smoke in his own smoke. I really do not think this smoke change will come into play that much. 99% of the time you’re sitting behind his shield and throwing smokes at a doorway

  29. Can i have your uplay name so i can check if you actually have 15ph on smoke. Cause smoke is absolutely not about lowering the range of the enemies. It:s about area denial if anything.

  30. Could be 150 hours but probably not at a high level. At a high level you play behind his deployable and play plant denial/entry denial. You would think by peoples reactions they removed his shield not his ability to not take damage from his smoke. I don’t see many smoke players at a high level pushing their own smoke because you’re pretty much just as blind as the attackers at that point. The whole point of smoke is to stay alive for as long as possible to deny that entry for as long as possible. Why the hell would you be pushing up into your smokes just to get killed by the attackers who now backed off the area and are just holding angles?

  31. Same goes for those saying the smoke change means Ubisoft should just remove reinforcements and all abilities out of the game and that attackers should die from claymores and defenders should be hit by Kapkans. Some of the comparisons and over exaggeration I’ve seen has been comical. I agree the smoke change doesn’t make sense but these comparisons and comments I’ve seen lately are embarrassing

  32. I mean it was said just about everywhere the year pass was mentioned

  33. No i saw it during game but did not get the chance to record so i go to match replay and record

  34. That makes sense then. Match replay is recorded all from your pov so if that’s how you saw it during the game then match replay wouldn’t be any different. It is impossible to lean without aiming on console. Even if the person is on mnk, it is still not possible. Leaning without aiming is not a feature that exist on console versions.

  35. “It works for all parties to watch us give him away for zilch and pay him 150k a week till July while we need a striker because Auba was finished”

  36. He was finished at our club. Clearly not finished himself. Yes we desperately need a striker but it was pretty obvious to everyone the system Arteta began building was pushing Auba out so we were already practically playing without one with him on the pitch. Laca, while not scoring goals is fitting much better with the system. So yes it did work out for all parties. We’re over achieving in the league so I’d happily do the deal again

  37. It’s a bug. They’ve already acknowledged it 16 hours ago on twitter

  38. Obviously that’s not what they’re saying. They’re saying that people who make claims like “this happens to every team and it all evens out in the end” are incorrect.

  39. This doesn’t even just apply to Arsenal anymore. The fact we have a fucking entire system in place to review and get these calls right and we still have blatantly wrong calls in any match is absolutely fucking insane. Excuse the language but holy shit what is wrong with them

  40. Probably under the various customization issues

  41. All right. So, I have heard and seen this posted many times.

  42. My dentist does scraping, water then brushes so maybe no one has any idea lmao. But also, weird perspective here, but your dentist isn’t really “brushing” your teeth as we think of it. They’re just cleaning as you said so maybe it doesn’t really matter. Just as long as in the end the teeth are clean?

  43. I have no doubt a lot of dentists do things differently!

  44. Yeah kind of hard to explain what I mean, but I’ll try. I mean yes they’re doing the action of brushing your teeth but they’re not really focused I think on brushing your teeth and leaving the paste on for protecting your teeth after like everyone’s discussing here. They’re just purely brushing to clean instead

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