1. Polish off the chazz with an iso dipped qtip and some baking soda

  2. Looks like any generic cart you can buy off Amazon. Most definitely fake.

  3. I wonder how all the Musk fanboys will defend this obvious censorship of Ye. Wasn't Musk supposed to be the chosen one who'd bring balance to the Twitter?

  4. "I drive a Tesla and love it" gauk gauk gauk. Something to that effect

  5. Wrap it in fabric so you dont scratch the metal and bend it back with pliers. It may not be perfect but it'll work

  6. Put some baking soda on a paper towel and rub the pearls over the baking soda to polish off the pearls

  7. thank u for the advice! i ended up using rubbing alcohol and salt on the pearls and spent a good bit just rubbing the salt on them and it worked pretty well tbh ^^

  8. Awesome. If you have baking soda next time. It's a finer abrasive and is quicker work. Glad you got em clean!!!

  9. Evan πŸ‘ Shore πŸ‘ Titty πŸ‘ Banger πŸ‘

  10. Overpriced. He used to be a go to but his quality has decreased proportional to his fame increasing. Dudes welds suck now and everything is kind of wonky. I order in bulk from him for my store and out of the 15 i bought last month i had to send back 9. ._.

  11. No amount of legal weed could make me ever live in NoVa again. Exorbitant cost of living and pointless traffic. I lived there for 3 years and my god the people are...some of the rudest and most entitled individuals I've ever met. And I worked in retail, so I would know.

  12. VA Beach is amazing. Born and raised. Come see us sometime.

  13. I was gonna say the same about your mom but we were raised with manners up here.

  14. Your original statement is that they are two different cannabinoids, yes. You also said they have different effects, but if THCa cannot bind to CB receptors then it would yield no effects at all

  15. Dang it. I was just defending the original statement that was uber downvoted lol. The other guy mentioned effects. Should have just left that part out as it wasn't part of my original statement but I will not edit it as you have commented and Im not trying to cause further confusion

  16. Tastes like cheesy garlicy meat. Nice high but not my favorite terpene combination

  17. I thought we stopped doing floor dabs in the early 2000s. Vive le revolution!!!

  18. Dude you make a post a bout a post of someone else we have no idea how the uses used it or what the deal is, the maker is already in panic mode going to change shit chz this keeps spreading

  19. I mean.. melted plastic in the vapor path. This product should never have been released. The maker should be scared and in panic mode. They released a product that you breathe through without proper testing. He should be made an example of so this doesn't happen again IMO. Blatant negligence

  20. Whip it up with your dab tool and get to huffin

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