1. Not exactly but I have a definite bias toward heavier economic games. Basically, the exact opposite of you.

  2. They both thought Jan was a bum. But then that "bum" Ko'd both of them what does that make them?

  3. Vehicles, as long as it takes me where I need to go, I could care less. The only thing that could make me care is if it saves me money with good mileage or other features.

  4. https://i.guim.co.uk/img/media/dad5826d64a5f9abc67e698a50201cdfe934ba87/0_122_2816_1690/master/2816.jpg?width=445&quality=45&auto=format&fit=max&dpr=2&s=f6931d2ad26f4089ff9305cb5e5e1c3f

  5. The definition of racism is believing some races are superior over others. So for example, it's racist to think that blacks are better athletes and that's why most football players, basketball players, and boxers are black. If it's wrong to believe that....then please explain why most football players are black. If all races have the same athletic ability, then I want the NBA and the NFL investigated as to why they don't have more Asian players. And I want the promoters of boxing investigated too because they don't have enough Asian boxers

  6. But deep down.... you know I'm right. When the truth is on my side, I don't need much effort

  7. What makes you think that? For pointing out a percentage of the population will do some whacky shit if they feel cheated or perceive to have been stolen from? Personally I wouldn’t take such actions, but simply saying I’ve seen enough heinous human action in my experience it’s well within the realm of reality.

  8. This entire comment section is filled with left wing turds, hating on a guy cuz he doesnt agree with them.

  9. Youre repeating yourself, writing full essays and getting defensive as if this is an attack on you. I didnt even mention politics or what country youre from. But if youre getting this riled up over a single sentence question, then buddy political disagreements are the least of your issues.

  10. Definitely haha I’m a new listener to so I have literally never heard more than a single episode but yeah I think LPOTL put it best when they said “any facts u hear about a murder are always told by the killer the number 1 most unreliable source” (again I’m drunk af so I butchered that quote but shout out LPOTL they need to real mob episode fuck lying ass kuklinski

  11. Have you ever seen a power rangers villain? Nothing like this at all. They're over the top and then some.

  12. Do you get a lot of girls when you tell them about power rangers or the DCEU? LOL

  13. In street fighter 2 Only Chun Li's, Balrog's (and maybe Blanka's) stage take place on a street.

  14. Because in the 80s and 90s anything that was rad happened on the streets. Skating, bmx, basketball, break dancing, etc.

  15. My brother in christ, please please leave the internet or do you live in some dumpy farm town in the midwest? Go to any mall or beach boardwalk on a decent sized costal city and you'll walk past 15 Valeries in half an hour.

  16. Yes I'm sure you're drowning in pussy. Nothing gets the girls soaking wet like a terminally online white dude with the user name 'flamingdragonwizard'

  17. This movie looks so cringe, I’m looking forward to YouTube tearing it apart.

  18. It's very possible this is the one. Thank G*d you're here to defend it.

  19. The only credit I'll ever give Joe is that he has zero fucks for grifters like Candace Owens or Dave Rubin, people who are so transparent that they don't believe in anything that you can't help but put them in their place.

  20. That was years ago. If he had Candace or Crowder on now, itd be a different story.

  21. I can’t defend him anymore. I never loved him, but I thought he had a pretty great show. He’s really changed a lot. I don’t know how a person goes from Bernie to De santis. Musk has a huge influence on the guy. I don’t think it can be overstated.

  22. Bro if you dont think the mouse could actually bring down orders to the UFC... who do you think got rid of the flags??

  23. We need patriots like Donald Trump to fight for the freedoms of the everyman and free speech.

  24. Theres a big difference between saying the skill gaps within womens mma are bigger than in mens mma and saying only 5 women are skilled. Its objectively wrong and really offensive. Most of the men on this subreddit right now would get their arms broken by mid level womens ufc fighters. And thats with the weight and muscle difference.

  25. Didn’t he support Bernie Sanders in 2020? I just don’t get how you can understand the issues and mix that with your values and then go from Bernie to Desantis unless you pull a full Dave Rubin.

  26. Joe didn't support Bernie because he had a strong agreement with progressive issues. He supported Bernie because he's an outspoken radical who was sticking it to the system. That's why he supported Ron Paul, and why he supported Tulsi. He doesn't have any understanding of the issues, he judges by personality and aesthetics.

  27. But now he's supporting DeSantis who is the opposite of the outspoken radical, his a typical GOP corporatist

  28. Joe doesn't frame it that way. He sees covid restrictions as 'the man in the tall building restricting freedom' and DeSantis as the renegade who fought against it.

  29. Glad to see her in a better place but she looks rough. A lot of that damage she did to herself is irreversible.

  30. Conservatives bringing up the foster system to support their anti-abortion stance is the funniest shit.

  31. People want to adopt cute, happy, (usually white) babies. The majority of the kids in the foster system are not that.

  32. This has nothing to do with me, I don’t use Twitter or care if JBP was banned from it, premise rejected though. Seek help

  33. DeSantis is easily the most trustworthy politician I've seen in American politics in my lifetime.

  34. He better or else you and your friends are gonna call him bad names? He can afford to do whatever he wants.

  35. Avatar was literally 10 years ago. What exactly has he be doing in these 10 years?

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