1. Where I live, landlords can’t evict an individuals which means ALL must be evicted. If you are willing to risk eviction, then feel free to dig in. Don’t know where you live but the rental market is tight where I am and it would not be worth it. I’d chalk it up to an expensive lesson learned. NTA, unless you provoke an eviction by not paying your rent.

  2. INFO: Would you actually follow through, OP?

  3. No, was just trying to motivate them.

  4. NTA. If they want to dictate how their leavings will be handled, they have to dictate them in writing. You're NTA for promising a cheeky dissatisfactory outcome if they don't put some effort in. Honestly though what kind of person is approaching 80 and doesn't have some sort of will or estate planning in place? In this economy? They need to grow up and get to it.

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