1. The building was constructed as the HQ for the New York Times. Thus also the name Times Square. But the NYT only stayed there for 10 years.

  2. A 10 minute walk from the Ubahn and a 5 minute walk from the tram isn't dogshit

  3. He was indeed manufactured in the same factory as Haaland

  4. This is going to be 2009 levels of domination all over again isn't it?

  5. Na man. Much worse. I‘ll doubt any of the other teams will catch up.

  6. Ah so every driver can cut that corner like RB three times with no real ramifications? If RB can do it, so can everyone else!

  7. “A decision was made last week to release our main cast for other series opportunities that may arise for them in the coming year,”

  8. Einlass nur mit Mietvertrag in amtlich beglaubigter Kopie.

  9. Einlass gilt nur für Fans mit Wohnsitz in Schleswig-Holstein.

  10. That‘s just savage. Why did you do my boy McLaren so dirty

  11. Does Ocon have ANOTHER PENALTY?

  12. I wouldnt be suprised if FIA or FOM penalized Ferrari for being so anti climactic this qualifying lmao. Like when some NBA team rested every starter on a national TV game and got penalized lmao

  13. Ferrari has to pay the entry fee for Andretti seems like a reasonable punishment

  14. WTF kinda voodoo magic did Aston Martin do this past offseason?

  15. In 2012 Alonso made a deal with the devil to beat a 2x WDC from RedBull. Now the devil honors the deal

  16. For France, it's 1827 for coil.

  17. Op most likely looked for locomotive powered railways and not ones pulled by horses.

  18. Nein. Vielleicht die Anfangsphase der Planung hat unter Kohl begonnen. Aber die ernsthaft Planung hat unter Schröder stattgefunden. Und der tatsächliche Bau hat erst unter Merkel begonnen mit Schröder als Aufsichtsrat von NS1.

  19. Erinnerung: Das Programm der ARD wird durch ein CDU-Mitglied bestimmt

  20. Meinst du etwa die Tochter von Wolfgang Schäuble und Ehefrau von Thomas Strobl.

  21. And its just wrong. GE only owned NBC Universial until GE sold it to Comcast

  22. GE hasn’t owned Comcast since 2013. This chart is 12 years old? Lol.

  23. Comcast was never owned just by a bit by GE. NBC Universial was owned by GE until Comcast bought NBC Universial from GE.

  24. Wasn't Tommy founder of wtf1? Like I always assumed it's his channel, so how tf is he leaving

  25. Amazon from the two people who made Westworld. So carefully optimistic

  26. Their war with (West) Pakistan to become independent from them. The Pakistanis and their supportes killed up to 3 million Bengali civilians.

  27. Tun wir das? Ich denke nicht, dass wir das tun 🤔

  28. Das tuen wir schon immer. Geh mal auf die „Top“ „Aller Zeiten“ auf diesem Unter. Erst das 8. beste ist ein rein Deutsches MaiMai.

  29. Weird, I typed the username in and got the dino error.

  30. In the app you have to look for „persons“ not under „posts“.

  31. pretty sure that Spa was already Belgium back then since the invasion happened 4 years later

  32. This is about a mod for Hearts of Iron called Kaiserreich. Not about the actual world in 1936. Thus also the Union of Britain.

  33. This is about a mod for Hearts of Iron called Kaiserreich. Not about the actual world in 1936. Thus also the Union of Britain.

  34. Of course he does. He receveid Aramco_policies_guidelines.pdf lmao

  35. Auch nur 2 Jahre älter als der aktuelle Vorsitzende der Jungen Union.

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