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  1. He'd just shout "IT'S JIMMY SAVILLE!"

  2. I'd let her slam me right in my Clapham Omnibussy

  3. Quality shitpost, comrade, but stop leaking top sekret military information next time

  4. And this is how you get rich elite leaders looking down on plebs from their ivory towers with zero empathy for what the common man goes through.

  5. That, and it breeds a highly antagonistic relationship between the polity and its leaders. And when such a relationship is established between the hoi polloi and the ones in charge, a decision that simultaneously benefits the people in charge and their cronies and harms those below would not seem that much of an unpalatable decision anymore.

  6. I'd like to see Azir adopt Nunu and Annie. I think it would be super adorable.He's got an affect for kids + he's one of the most knowledgeable magic users in the world and they could both really use it.

  7. But snowballs will melt in the desert though :(((

  8. The prosecutor represents Walmart. Why are you being so specific? You know what he meant. We all did

  9. No, the prosecutor does not even represent Walmart. They represent the state because this is a criminal motion, not a civil one. It is the state that jails people, not Walmart.

  10. Sharks like and get attracted to Heavy Metal music played underwater

  11. Must be because of the iron content

  12. Lol you can still choose to take the jab if you don't have a medical exemption

  13. I was excited when I thought it was Reading, UK given the price, but was immediately disappointed when I noted the PA haha

  14. This is what the EU does though. It is slow... FUUUUUUUCKING slow. They meticulously go over every... single... detail... Make sure it works, get everyones input, everyone can veto is, so it must be absolutely PERFECT so everyone agrees with it. And then it gets put in effect. And it generally works. This slowness makes for a super stable foundation. Although it also means it is difficult to make big changes when it is needed. Or at least, that's what I thought and then they started sending military aid to Ukraine and I saw the birth of a new EU. And I am liking the changes

  15. Yes, one thing I really loved about the EU is its attention to detail. It standardises many, many things and for those things that it cannot standardise, it comes up with mechanisms to regulate the product in question.

  16. Mama I ate a man, put my mouth against his head, closed my teeth and now he's dead

  17. Others have mentioned it is out of respect, but not why judges get special respect.

  18. Well, Japan has been reinterpreting their constitution such that they are able to deploy troops abroad to help their allies or send them weapons. Though I feel that reinterpreting their article 9 that prohibits it from settling international disputes militarily in a way that allows them to retake the Kurils is a bit of a stretch.

  19. It wouldn't be deploying troops abroad if its a domestic deployment to the Kuril Islands lol

  20. This is not a good thing. This automatically means that Russia will not be held to account for their human rights violations in the European Court of Human Rights.

  21. "Boom boom boom boom I want you in my room"-Palm cockatoos

  22. "And I'd be Arnold Schoenberg"

  23. Someone else said the thief on the cross was their ancestor. Exactly how many Romani ancestors were at the scene?

  24. Maybe they were just playing both sides all along

  25. They've been trying it since the late Forties, but the devil is always in the details. What does a European Army look like? Is it just a command structure for the forces of the national armies, or is it its own force that will eventually phase out member-state forces? Neither of those options are very appealing to national governments, and it could potentially causes issues when you have countries that are in the EU but not in NATO. Is it perhaps a small, separate force of volunteers meant to be a showpiece of European integration? And whose equipment does it use? Whose doctrine does it follow? Even with Britain out of the EU now suggesting that France would set the shape of an EU military with German support (as per the informal agreement between the two countries), decades of NATO integration has given many of the national militaries some American features in how they operate, and Eastern Europe often has ideas of their own.

  26. Man, even determining the language of operations is going to be a hassle. Even though most EU citizens know more than one language, the question of which language in particular is going to be a huge political problem

  27. I mean the old, unvaccinated people are going to die anyway. Might as well let them die instead of letting them steal the lives of those in their 20s and 30s.


  29. Another comment thread said thet he is probably the nephew.

  30. Nice, we're finally hitting the siloviki where it hurts them!

  31. Street streeted so hard that a significant portion of the street ended up in sky, that's why its called "street in the sky"

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