1. Would a protease inhibitor help prevent replication of the spike in the vaccinated?

  2. im no doctor but would beta blockers help? I was meditating and i heard that word, i am involved with a group of vaccine injured individuals and asked them about it, some said they were being helped by the beta blockers. Im not in medicine so im not sure if this would even make sense

  3. You should delete Facebook but here’s this article I read this morning

  4. As others said, no. But you probably have no issues using an iPhone’s camera to take photos….

  5. Lmao yea I’m sure the cia is out here posting left wing edits.


  7. SS: Wikipedia has become a trusted source for info while also censoring any information that goes against the mainstream media narrative.

  8. You must be my elementary school teacher. Welcome to the 21st century— Wikipedia is accurate far more often than not and is quite robust to erroneous or misleading edits.

  9. You must have the intelligence of an elementary school student. Here is one example of wikiPedias unreliability Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger slams site for erasing communist genocide from its pages.

  10. Did you even read your own source? He specifically advocates for misinformation to appeal to neutrality.

  11. Why wouldnt you want him to report that Wikimedia was hosting CP?!! How does that make him a nut job and secondly he’s correct. It’s not the job of Wikipedia to voice an opinion. Wikipedia should lay out all the facts and allow the reader to make its own conclusions. that is an unbiased source of information. Even if I hate trump, wikipedia shouldn’t voice its opinion on him and praise other presidents or remove certain scandals from other presidents.

  12. in some countries crazies puncture daughters ears when they are just few months old to put some shiny metal thing in their ears and don't leave it to the girl to decide when they are at least teenagers or adults, for me it's on par as putting permanent tattoo on toddler

  13. I think its because its less painful when the ears are thin than when you get older and your ear lobes are fatter, it’s tradition in Hispanic cultures too.

  14. i think it's less painful if you don't do it at all than do it to small baby

  15. Sure but I can only speak for myself when I say I’m grateful my mom did it when I was a baby so now I get to wear the prettiest earrings I want :)))

  16. look into ivermectin … and natural remedies … make smoothie for detox.. you need to get the vaccine out of your system if possible. Check for vitamin d

  17. SS: the media lied and coerced people into taking an unnecessary and ineffective clot shot when Fauci once advised against doing this

  18. every one go crazy with the vaccine all my family are vaccinated the funny thing is that they got sick second and third time lol i didnt get the shot and i only got sick on 2011 and i am unvaccinated is very funny and interesting, believe in TV., also since i got and heart attack in 2020 i know the shoot can kill me.

  19. You’re smart don’t ever take it under no circumstances and I pray you always b in good health!💕🙏

  20. SS: the rise in COVID vaccine injuries are being covered and falsely represented

  21. They never really said why they stopped but I assume it’s David’s decision to stop. Jason always seems down to record the podcast, but David is the one who seems to not want to do the podcast anymore.

  22. Here you go. They quarantined that community because trolls from places like this were spamming it with misinformation. I know someone who works here and they brought it up to me two days before it happened.

  23. Wtf is misinformation bruh? Lose that word from your vocabulary. They want to censor and suppress info.

  24. Sorry, untrue information shared by people who are easily misled by the side of the media that makes them think they have an inside scoop on something. Better?

  25. Go check on the r/ vaccine long hauler page. Nobody was trolling In there. It’s some peoples last hope when it comes to discussing their vaccine reaction. Many doctors refuse to listen out of fear of losing their license, and family and friends won’t believe them because the media has repeatedly said “it’s safe and effective!” which neither is true.

  26. he hasn’t posted a vlog or podcast but I really miss him! I hope he starts posting again. I saw him recording Taylor on her bday in someone’s snap.. maybe he’ll post something soon. <3

  27. was he recording on his vlog camera or phone?

  28. I swear I wake up every day with more bad news of this country.

  29. Thank you for this! its really helpful bc I’ve been having vivid dreams of nuclear war in America. You are extremely detailed with your dreams I’m so impressed! do you have any suggestions on how one can also experience vivid dreams? Thank you!

  30. Im sure they will thank it when a clot kills them too.

  31. I am waiting for people to question why so many people or relatives are dying around them but I don’t think the takers of the poison, will ever wake up.

  32. right ?? I saw a post from someone injured by the jab describing their constant pain as if “ a demon was inside fighting to come out” … i am scared

  33. Yup this article is bullshit the reason we won’t reach herd immunity is because these vaccines are not efficient and are therefor “leaky” check out this article

  34. I'm sorry, but The Expose does not have anyone who knows how to read a scientific paper. From the original paper "The Expose" cites:


  36. Hi. I’m so sorry to hear this, I am an independent researcher and I’ve been skeptical of the jab since the initial roll out. The technology was not trustworthy in my eyes, we have no clue what the side effects In ten years will be.

  37. Look into Lymphatic Drainage massage. Your lymph system is full and you are in pain. The lymphatic system does not have a pump. Walking is the pump. Those who are unable to walk need to find a therapist who does lymphatic drainage. You will start feeling better once you get rid of the swamp of poison that is inside your lymphatic system. Find the best in your area and treat it as your number one heath care. Stop going to doctors. They destroyed your life with lies. They destroy everyone's lives with lies. They destroyed mine decades ago. I will never stop teaching what I have learned from a decade of healing work.

  38. Amen. thank You for sharing you wisdom fellow light worker. We have to help humanity realize evil Exists but we can overcome it through unity. Bless you 🌻

  39. Hi I am writing a book compiled of stories from vaccine injured individuals. If you’re interested in sharing your story please message me. I’m truly sorry and enough is enough, you shouldn’t be ignored by people around you just because they refuse to believe. It’s crazy how ignored vaccine injured individuals are right now. message me even if you want to chat

  40. I’m compiling a book of adverse reactions if you’re interested in sharing your story please message me! I’m so Sorry

  41. I think it’s a smokescreen for what mutated virus the vaccinated created by having leaky vaccines that don’t work 😩

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