2023 5* QB Arch Manning commits to Texas

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  1. I mean it's alright, not that strong tho. Fair number of P5 schools, but most are those schools that we're around that we don't really want to admit werey around.

  2. South Carolina is an insane atmosphere that nobody talks about. Easily top 5 in the SEC and better than a few of the SEC bluebloods

  3. Came here to comment this exact thing. SoCo is an awesome place, hot as hell, and the upper decks bouncing is scary as hell.

  4. What's hilarious is he was on his official visit in Gainesville today. He woke up and choose violence this morning.

  5. No offense to UNC because I have no idea but I wouldn't believe a word of what Mel Kiper says. Sometimes he can't fall out of a boat and hit water.

  6. As long as they get rid of the highlighter yellow programming updates that are remarkably similar to penalty flag colors, I am good.

  7. Breaking News: Lebron James comments on Kobe Bryant's 3rd Quarter comeback.

  8. Is AV no longer covering the Preds? I know he's no longer with the athletic but figured he'd still be covering Nashville.

  9. Listen to the Gold Standard podcast he did with Gall on 440 sports. He explains things fairly well

  10. I'm conflicted... Being a South Endzoner, gate 10 has had that ramp my whole life. Tons of memories walking up that beast. However, visually it looked better hugging the stadium and having a G21 style concourse woulda been cool.

  11. Agreed. The only neutral sight games there should be are bowl games.

  12. Most likely it’s a nickname, but we literally had a guy on our team a few years ago who went by Pig Howard

  13. I remember Pig Howard. I'd say the same about him on Reddit lol

  14. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of Colorado.

  15. It’s really hard to associate any song with UT other than the glorious tune of Rocky Top.

  16. And because it's not our fight song, that's the answer. Other programs just aren't cultured enough to have a 300 piece band play it.

  17. Be careful, Twilight fanfic is how we got 50 Shades of Grey

  18. While Eli definitely deserves the jersey retirement and pomp & circumstance, they rolled out every red carpet of Arch, not Eli. But it's a great cover for the NCAA

  19. Damn sucks for any kid. Good luck to that young man

  20. Florida with 4 P5 teams is a lot more interesting than Florida with only 3 P5 teams

  21. MTSU and WKU we're offered to join the MAC. WKU has accepted but the MAC only offered them as a package. MTSU wanted to hold out one more season to get the buyout money from all the other leaving teams. The leaving teams got out with no buyout cause the league office is horribly ran and their contracts all didn't dictate a strong buyout clause to protect the conference

  22. jeez. maybe on second thought i dont want uconn in this conference LOL that sounds brutal

  23. Honestly UConn is better off in a conference, but the CUSA shouldn't be alive today, and MTSU has to live with their pathetic decision.

  24. I was gonna say half-assed and a long way from finished.

  25. Will this special assistant to the head coach end up like Auburn's special assistant to the head coach?

  26. Nah we're good. We knew Arch wasn't considering us. We got Nico

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