1. You're not kidding right? I might take you at your word and actually pull it off 👀

  2. Where do you think the governments money comes from? Magic? It is our tax dollars, it is absolutely being asked of us.

  3. Like, all treaties? Because that's such a staggeringly fucking stupid take that I'm genuinely surprised you're capable of putting letters into patterns to form words.

  4. You're so edgy and cool. Hopefully no one takes your property by force to claim as their own.

  5. Is it forcing them to be born and then abandoning them?

  6. I read this as "chapter review for Scientology".

  7. "The left only does culture war identity politics."

  8. It would be a smart move for the NDP to oust Jagmeet. It's painful to watch what he has done to the party.

  9. Yeah! Let's go back to the milquetoast days of Muclcair!

  10. No shit. If seats were distributed based on comments in this thread we’d have an NDP majority and the Communist Party would get more seats than the Conservatives.

  11. "Jesus Fuck. Even I couldn't have come up with something that evil."

  12. Everything, or nearly everything, in The Handmaid's Tale and The Testaments came from historical or modern societies. Afghanistan, medieval Europe, Saudi Arabia, the Salem Witch Trials, Nazi Germany, Ceaușescu's Romania, North Korea, slavery, and fundamentalist Mormon sects.

  13. There’s also oligopoly capitalism.

  14. There was that one time Janeway committed premediated murder.

  15. The ink really should be the blood of schoolchildren.

  16. How exactly does one not make themselves a target?

  17. Sweden, known for its overburdening work ethic, has moved to a 7 day work week.

  18. My Mandela effect is the prequels not being steaming piles of ego-driven, self-indulgent horseshit.

  19. I don’t really care about Edison, but I don’t get why people are so eager to take credit away from him. He set up and ran a research park, he would be the equivalent of a professor in a university. So of course he paid people to do research for him. That still deserves credit

  20. This is the kind of mindset that leads people to think Elon Musk is a genius.

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