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  1. If we're talking about his deaths across Sir Patrick Stewart's career, the way they killed Picard as a character in the new series wins everything. That isn't Picard.

  2. As someone who wants to upload my consciousness into a computer and live forever, I disagree. It is very much Picard.

  3. I wasn't referring to him actually dying in the show and becoming a synthetic. I was referring to the fact the writers broke writing 101 and didn't repect Picard's character traits that make him who he is. I was excited to see Patrick Stewart reprise his role as Picard after all these years. We didn't get that. What we got was Patrick Stewart playing Patrick Stewart, in a Star Trek show. Nothing about this Picard had even a glimmer of the former Picard.

  4. It's also the dumbest thing to ask about. After reading that, there should be no question about whether or not to install.

  5. Sudden flashback to the insanely early promotions of the first Spider-Man movie

  6. Nintendo is one of the most anti-consumer companies out there. I have never and will never expect one of their current platform games to go on sale. Breath of The Wild won't go on sale until after Nintendo releases their next (already outdated) console, if it ever goes on sale that is. By that point though pretty much everyone who cares will have broken down and paid full price already.

  7. And that game you bought won't be backwards compatible on future consoles. You'll have to wait for a new digital, compatible version to come out.

  8. Nintendo is the worst example to say that it won't be backwards compatible with.

  9. Xbox one had amazing backwards compatibility. Some Xbox original discs worked on the Xbox 360, but not all.

  10. "Man these Omaha Steaks delivery boxes are getting harder and harder to open" - This Bear, probably.

  11. The little shake with his head at the end is what got me

  12. If the smell of your ass gives you a piss shiver, it's time to hit the shower.

  13. Zooming in I can still see wet oil pooled on the surface. Wipe it down with paper towels, crank it back up all the way, wait until it starts to smoke, wipe it down with some more oil, let it smoke until you don't see any more smoke.

  14. I think they also have the highest rates of suicide in Europe, but I'm not sure

  15. When you're the happiest people in the world, over cooking breakfast could be rock bottom.

  16. What's the starfield demo? I played nms again a couple of weeks ago. It's a good game, especially in comparison to the shit box I got from pre-ordering the game. Fair to say, last pre-order i ever did

  17. Pretty sure they're just referring to the Starfield gameplay video that came out a few weeks ago.

  18. war coral. most likely dipsastrea. there are no true favias in the hobby

  19. True, but the industry never catches up to the reclassifications constantly happening. OP is better off googling war favia or war coral than war dipsastrea.

  20. The amazon looks soooo cringed out. Like "Is he . . . Is he still there? Can I ignore him?"

  21. My wife is allergic to crab and I busted a nut in her mouth a day after having some and she had a reaction. Sooooo I would say it is possible from my experience. At least with shellfish.

  22. Runs just as well as on Xbox. Granted the graphics by default are turned down to medium, but that's not the OS's fault.

  23. I don't get it, Linux is notorious for fast boot times

  24. Laughing at these comments while playing Hitman 3 on my Steam Deck.

  25. Once I realized the blue "shirt" were jeans, it was easy to see.

  26. The density of the BACK leg hair didn't give it away?

  27. Hey, it's how my legs look too after shitting on a don's jon at a concert.

  28. “Mr Anderson, what good is an itch if you are unable to scratch?”

  29. Dude put his hand upsidedown in the MIB fingerprint removing device.

  30. You want to re-apply oil while it's hot. Honestly you'll probably waste more gas just ensuring the seasoning stays perfect rather than cooking (not that that's a bad thing!). Just make sure even the tiniest speck of food is scraped off to the oil pan. I left mine covered for 2 months and had two tiny specks of old food I missed, and 1" diameter rust circles grew around them.

  31. Not a teenager, this was my dream as a teenager. I'm 35

  32. I'm pretty sure emu deck just install dolphin from flathub (the discover store)

  33. Yup. I've made it a habit to go to the desktop daily to check for and apply any and all updates (it checks for you automatically).

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