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  1. A calzone, huh? Pass it down here. Let's get a little look at at it. I want a little taste. Come on, come on. Pass it down here. That's a good boy. Okay. What's in this thing?

  2. Bedrooms, who needs that. We have couchrooms and exclusively take power naps, in the yard.

  3. Maybe it's like 711 slurpee day, you just bring in your own spoon and fill it for $30, no matter the size.

  4. Boy did their marketing department fall asleep at the wheel.

  5. Oh the marketing worked great. Everyone got hooked. Their PR team and legal departments weren't prepared.

  6. Lol never seen a week old video downloaded, cropped and reposted to the point it belongs on

  7. Please tell me you are aware of the idea of copying content on new platforms? Or are you convinced The Sopranos was made for streaming because you saw it on HBO Max?

  8. Re-read the post chain you replied to and then re-read your comment lol.

  9. Yes, but they don’t use the term “immaculate conception” or they use it incorrectly to describe Jesus’s miraculous conception.

  10. I've always just heard it referred to as the virgin Mary giving birth to Jesus.

  11. To revere her is fine, protestants do too. It's the whole praying to her with the rosary thing. Protestants believe that you should only be praying to the holy Trinity, aka God.

  12. I never understood how your parents had a 20-year gap in screen credits after some middling success in the 90s and then they randomly popped back up in the 2010s and got the Planet of the Apes trilogy? How does that even happen?

  13. Yeah but how do you get a multi-million dollar franchise with no writing credits for 20 years

  14. I'm sure they still had connections from before. Once you're in you'll always have an in, unless you get black listed.

  15. Half a euro and a cock ring. That's all you need for Becky down the street.

  16. you hold the dead fob up to the push start button, it'll make a noise and then you can start the car.

  17. I double checked my manual, the emergency key does in fact only work on the doors, not for starting the truck (not a push button start system).

  18. ... or a warhorse. You wouldnt put your hands on an idling tank.

  19. Fake ad, we all know Dad would say it's against the law for the light to be on.

  20. Looks like he's too busy catching shit from the mom to care. His eyes in the mirror looks like he's about to drive all of them off a damn cliff. But hey, at least Timmy won't be able to see it in happen with that light shining in his face.

  21. There shouldn't be anyone telling me what should be printing with my printer.

  22. They've also been oddly quiet on the lower tax refunds everyone is getting.

  23. "Lien was nude on her couch, covered by a blanket. She denied the allegations and refused to leave.

  24. Odd, I was never able to get Cura working with my 5 Pro on the Sonic pad, yet PrusaSlicer worked without any modifying at all, just chose Ender 5 Pro during the setup.

  25. Yeah PrusaSlicer works, but it won't write the gcode utilising the speed increase possible with Klipper. You won't be utilising all the benefits.

  26. Hmm didn't know that. I manually increased the speed in the settings slightly, but I haven't messed with it too much.

  27. Aaawwww... I thought It was real earthporn but Its just a sub with real cool images

  28. I am sure she prayed a couple of times in her teens when she was late....

  29. This is why I took a computer architecture course. Totally worth understanding the magic between the electrons and the program.

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