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  1. I'm sorry you're dealing with a breakout like that. Even just a few pimples makes me feel terrible. For what it's worth you're still a handsome guy. Keep your head up man, like other people have said it will pass and you will get your confidence back.

  2. As someone else posted- new profiles are exciting for people when they are on every night. I'm not trans but I feel like a lot of people are also interested in having a trans partner sexually/romantically. You guys are relatively small in numbers so maybe that's one of the reasons for a focused sense of attention?

  3. My favorite letter is the one that goes "klshdfkjhasdkfhwioeuhrjmabksdjfhiuehkrah" Very beautiful.

  4. I'm sure it varies from person to person, but if I were the guy, I would appreciate a casual cut and dry approach. Just be blunt and honest. Tell him you would like to experiment with someone as a one time thing and you feel comfortable with the idea of doing it with him.

  5. Do you mind if I ask how old you are? I've personally always been drawn to art and creative expression. I started drawing when I was a kid, now I'm 32 and I've experimented with lots of different creative outlets. Painting, music, pottery/ceramics, cooking and writing. One of these days I'd like to play around with 3D animation. I'll probably spend the rest of my life experimenting like this and maybe mastering at least one of these things. So for me art is my rabbit hole. Maybe you just haven't fallen down your rabbit hole yet, but if you keep exploring you surely will.

  6. I agree with the other folks who are recommending the Minilogue XD. I have one and I love it. It has two analog oscillators, as well as a digital oscillator + digital effects. So you have analogue and digital/FM tones on one machine. The digital end of the XD is open source so a lot of people have made their own effects and oscillators that you can install to expand it's capabilities. There is even a free oscillator you can download that turns it into a sampler. You can upload your own samples to the XD and layer them with the analogue oscillators and run them through the filter and modulation section. It's a small but mighty synth. Last time I looked it was going for around $500-$600 used.

  7. The amount of faith this person has in Musk to actually accomplish something like that is crazier than questioning the solar system

  8. Lol even if Elon pulled it off, people would question it's authenticity.

  9. Elon has destroyed twitter in less than 3 weeks. There’s no scenario where he also successfully leads the charge in space exploration

  10. Yeah I don't doubt that, I just also know that putting a drone up there we can all access won't convince everybody.

  11. The next time someone says I have pretty eyes "YOU CLEARLY HAVEN'T EVEN BEEN LOOKING!"

  12. You may have explored this theory already, but there is a lot of evidence that the cataclysm from 12,000 years ago was caused by sun cycles. There's this guy on Youtube who studies sun cycles and the earth's electromagnetic field- he believes that every 12,000 years the sun has a "micro nova event" which is a violent event but isn't like a supernova where the entire star explodes. The surface of the sun cracks open, plasma arcs across the solar system and debris from the sun is ejected. Check out his channel if your're interested in the theory this video is a good starting point

  13. Yes its observed in many other stars, the youtube channel i shared is very dense with information. This guy doesnt mess around haha.

  14. This grosses me out too but I kinda feel like it shouldn't. Most of us drink cow's milk, that's an entirely different species. Why does human milk gross us out so much? It's literally made for us.

  15. Weak, pathetic, spineless men. No honor, no integrity. Their status and success depends entirely on how many people they are willing to hurt.

  16. Who do these people think are going to adopt all the babies they don't want aborted?

  17. I completely forgot about this abomination of a character design.

  18. I've heard even weed can be problematic for people with issues like schizophrenia. My grandma had it, and there were times in her life where it got really bad. She was a prisoner in her own mind, that's not something you want to mess around with. Don't tempt fate for a little thrill my friend, find a hobby instead.

  19. I'm a shy and awkward guy. I usually keep to myself so if I show an interest in anyone at all, it means I like them, either in a platonic sense or a romantic sense. Just ask him to go do something together. It will be much easier get to know him outside of a work setting.

  20. Looks like he just closed the Devil's biggest deal of all time.

  21. I've had a plantar wart that looked just like that. If you get a pumice stone and exfoliate that area for a little while, the wart will likely be more visible. When they are small warts they are easily hidden behind calloused skin, even if it's pretty thin. If you see a perfectly round circle after a little exfoliation it's definitely a plantar wart.

  22. I'm gay and if I had another gay friend of 4 years ask me that question when we had established a strictly platonic dynamic, I'd be a little upset too. In fact, I recently had to block someone on Facebook because he sent me unsolicited nudes of himself as well as random porn videos. We didn't know each other all that well so it put me off on the idea of getting to know him at all.

  23. Wow very inspiring! I've seen some of your work elsewhere around the internet- I really like your style. It's very unique and captivating.

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