1. It's a lovely thought but considering our schedule I can't see it happening.

  2. Bucks are getting the 1 seed so they won't care about that game.

  3. Do NBA genius fans realize that you can't nuke every roster as a GM and tank? Not everyone can be a contender you can't remove every player and not extend good players

  4. Keeping KP makes sense. I don't think they should prioritize Kuzma.

  5. They may win this game, but something just seems off about the Warriors

  6. weirrd situation for the pels lol- they dropped from 7th to 8th but are now 1 game back from the 6 seed - if twolves won they would’ve been the 7th seed but 2 games back from 6

  7. Lakers in a similar spot, but not as big. Didn't lose ground on the 6, but are further down in the standings.

  8. its crazy how tight things are. 8 seed only 2 games back from 4 seed lol

  9. Yeah, could see any of them even Dallas moving on up

  10. Tough end to the game for Shaedon despite a good game overall

  11. The crackhead under the bridge should draw interest from us seeing how dogshit Silas is

  12. Been a bit of Nurse smoke this season, from Thorpe (close to Masai) who basically called (walked it back though) to replace Nurse in February, to the rumours that he wants an extension.

  13. Hawks/Raptors/Bulls all within a game of each other for 8/9/10 in the eastern conference

  14. Well I think that almost solidifies the fact that the Wiz aren't making the play in and the Raps are.

  15. Yeah, it's basically set in terms of the 3 of the 4 (non 7 seed) east play in teams, just don't know the order of them.

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