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  1. Oki.. that could solve some of the Whirlds prahblems ahahaha

  2. I herd some sigh-en-tists seigh the whirled is spinning 😵‍💫 and it mayks me dizzie!

  3. Opinion 3#, actually : as long as you not burning TREES, you might be okay to burn stuff like fuel. However, there could be tree detritus in the dinosaurio-stew that Gasoline allegedly is. The point is you don’t want to offend trees on a Shabbes. Ur query related to a Yom Tov, though.. so.. um. 😆

  4. If we stopped telling each other about that marvelous admixture of our opinions and the thoughts of the Sages, THE ENTiRE WORLD WOULD CEASE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . & in this C*ntry of all place!

  5. Here is the Truth is Beauty Pinterest link for Classic Gamine Ingenue. I see others have mentioned this, & I agree that it is a good place to investigate..

  6. Interesting. I agree that you could be a fence-sitting Dark Autumn. Because for DA, you look great in warm shades, but because your coloring is darker you also look fabulous in Jewel Tones. It is possible that you can jest go on and enjoy your versatility.. pulling from both essentially Autumn &&& Winter palettes. The exceptional highlights any rule..

  7. It doesn’t need to stop. There will of course be major shifts in the terms of soivice to more communally protect realistic dutys. Greater amounts of practical deeds like shekhting & distributing goat fluids toward fields; witch Priests are meant to perform, and everybody reinforce.

  8. At least in Tzfat there is a standard of inviting folks half an hour before you want them to be there. They will be there an hour after that. :D

  9. I see Dramatic and Natural. However, I don’t think the DramaticNatural inspo - board on TruthisBeauty is the right call. The avant-garde shapes, I think you might get lost in them. Here is where Kibbe meets Kitchener. Surely you are somewhere between Classic to Romantic, right? So you could consider taking the Kibbe lines for the overall shape to your outfit,… with those color-blocks, stiff avant-garde necklines and etc. utilised as flattering design elements, near the face or however you see fit..

  10. I feel like what is described in the board is a Dramatic Natural, whereas you’re more of a Natural Dramatic. You dig? teehee

  11. I do think you have a hearty aspect of ingenue Kitchener essence, it shows in 8, how something like mod overalls, colorblocked are looking so cute for you. Interesting to learn about curve vs width, SD vs FN. But you’ve asked about face, and Kibbe is all about body. So I’d say for the face..I don’t think you will just grow out of that ingenue cuteness. It’s partially about having a smaller chin .. bone structure won’t change so much. You look cheerful. Gotta love it!

  12. I recommend going to an actual butcher. I don’t know how it is in your area, but round where I live you can buy Beef Fat for ¢#€@p!!! Then you can do marvelous things with it. First off is sautéing vegetables and meat in there. Then roast em all in a cast iron for tenderness. What’s great about this process is that foods stored in beef fat really do keep much much longer. Saves money against the ol fridge-clear-out where you throw out old food after a shopping trip. This kind of cooking is way filling and very keto-friendly. Something I got kind of addicted to lately was rendered beef fat poured into candy molds, sprinkled wit stevia-erythritol. Fat Bombs FTW!!!

  13. Here is a cute board for you from Truth Is Beauty..

  14. I wonder what kinds of psyche cords are linking the elders consciousness to the youngers to the extent that he can’t distinguish between who is the intimate of the one or the other. I think there is much therapy to be done here. Maybe look into CranioSacral Therapy, since adhesions between dural sacs that the brain & cord are afloat in, can be a root cause of antisocial behavior. GD save.

  15. IMO the subtext of such behavior is that something about the connection is not satisfying to him & it could be a warning that ultimately he will seek fulfillment elsewhere. It could be wise to cut those cords so you can both find who actually digs yuh.

  16. 2, 3, & 4 seem to me to be your best lines. They are more form-fitted, there is waist emphasis, and you carry it beautifully. I don’t see the T shape of SD. Perhaps FG? I am also still learning.. but where waist emphasis is flattering is where there is waist definition, according to Kibbe. And if you’ve got waist definition, it sort of rules out Ns. Anywho, those three sets - 2, 3, 4 - are looking so keen. Form-fitting is more flattering, I’d say!

  17. Well I mean 87 is a dead give too and the future was YESTERDAY

  18. I like that description of The Future as Yesterday. Das funny. Certain cultures in S.America (learned it from NativLang on YouTube, but which one it was not sure), describe future as “the days which are behind me” aka “latter days”. Because you can’t see em yet. אחרית הימים. I would argue that the Torah also describes the future wit such a perspective.

  19. I think “black” and “white” and “Asian” are describing edges of a phat spectrum. Plus Pandas do have brown patches. We need those freakin’ patches, hahah.

  20. Your amazing narrow bone structure especially at the level of the rib cage suggests to me that you would look great in Dramatic lines. Those shoulders are looking pretty edgy! & less blunt. You probably look even taller than you are, & you look pretty tall. . The way you’ve described your weight pattern fits the D type perfectly (Keira Knightley ftw). You don’t have to be tall to be a D. I’ve read more about tall types because I’m tall. xD So I could be wrong, but perhaps you are also fitting the FG description? From what I understood it was kind of the petite~er D..

  21. My question is: how do I get the same vibes without her budget/lifestyle? I can't find anything like that thrifting and even if I did, I'm afraid it would traumatize my neighbors and colleagues

  22. I was thinking that on a low budget thrifting is pretty much the only way to craft such an unconventional look. Because thrifting also gives you that chance to choose dozens of pieces that fit and start trying to put them together in different ways. Maybe you don’t keep all of em, but you start to recognize what shapes you can wear. Like, you could emulate this look physically (whether or not philosophically) by simply wearing all black pieces and red lipstick &\or eyeshadow. But you could wear a black knee length skirt wit a shirt that has silver studs on it. Those are conventional shapes that are pretty easy to find in aggressive fabrics at the thrift store. Teehee. Hope you have fun..

  23. Woa, woa, if you have a T shape.. are you investigating SD too?

  24. I don’t think so. Was it Rita or Truth is Beauty who described that thought experiment? Where, for example, imagine how amusing it could be for a cold-looking Soft Dramatic, austere features to actually be a sweetheart in her personality. Or a quirky Gamine who is actually quite stern in the persona.. How you look is how you look. (And some of us have RBF more distinctly. 😆 ) There is a sense of delight in the possibility of incongruence between look and attitude.

  25. If your functions are really that close, ENFP can be a catch all for feeling balanced. But really.. I’d say you’re probably literally a user of functions like this and not necessarily needing a four letter type. Introverted intuition is a loooooooot of fun, yeu psychique

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