Circus Bear attacks handler

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  1. Surely the Chinese economy will tank with these ridiculous lock fowns and iso camps .

  2. A pure scam . Robbing vurnerable down to their last dime people . Disgusting .

  3. Another clip where I am ashamed to be Austrailan . What a fucking cock head .

  4. I used the wrong liquid at work in the dishwasher . Sudfenly the kitchen was filled with foam .

  5. With all the crazy lockdowns cases still 40 K daily .

  6. Son . “ What dod yiu do at work today dady ? “ Father “ Oh Son , I let a whole group of guys smash me over the head with sticks “ Son . Oh ..

  7. I saw a cat jump from one buliding ti the next from one small bathroom window to one opposite . 4 floors up an incredible distance msybe 100 ft ( ?? ) I totally freaked thinking the cat would fall .

  8. Ciggerette butts are boiled abd the liquid sand used as fertiliser .

  9. 100 % interested RM level 3 Usui and Seichim . Please DM me .

  10. Sack the barstard . Strip him of all parlimentary and all fiscal entitlements . C##t .

  11. Old dude here .. shame weed is now full of chemicals and smells like underwear thst had been washed in decades .

  12. Karma ? . Those poor creatures beaten and totmented . Claws are usually ripped out .

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