Smoke shop owner stabs the shit out of thief

Did somebody say 'Murica?

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  1. Every post on this sub reminds me why Tim hates his fans so much lmao. Y’all are just as retarded as the people who watch CNN for constantly obsessing over these non issues. The Daily Mail isn’t real life you fucking white mongos

  2. I think the only reason I like Tim Pool is because it pisses off the libs so very much. They don't really have any respect for him he's kind of like our version of Hassan. But I had to kind of lay off his doom and gloom shit. He's literally replacing Alex Jones with the fear mongering.

  3. He reads news articles from those places.

  4. The articles hit different when delivered by beanieboy 😂

  5. "Stop being a bigot, let your possessions be taken and your family get assaulted"

  6. I mean if he attack me I’d stab him. If he attacks products that are insured, I’d just watch and deal with the cops.

  7. Redditor dying on the floor after a robber has shot them: "At... at least the insurance will take care of the stolen goods......"

  8. Also the robber having and pointing a gun at the clerk is a different scenario than him jumping over the counter and stealing some bullshit.

  9. Why would you call the pharmacy that gave it? They didn’t manufacture it. It’s not like when McDonald’s fucks up your order lol

  10. If you think calling big pharma will listen or care or have any actual impact you're very naive.

  11. Lmao no shit complaining to big pharma wouldn’t do anything. But they’re the ones who made it. If you think complaining to the shmuck at Walgreens will make a difference you are extremely naive.

  12. Watching them go "its... itss..... not the immigrants thats the problem... honest....ummm its just errrrrrrr ....... how you're doing it that makes it a problem"

  13. is the solution not to also prosecute the other 99 percent? It's hard not to punish someone for doing something against the law because others aren't being punished. You have to ensure that the same rules apply to everyone and not just delete a rule

  14. Can someone TL;DR the whole Alex Jones situation for me? I don’t really follow this dude.

  15. Dems blame him for Trump gaining votes so they dug back 10 years in his daily multiple hour long program to find something they could demonize him for that definitely wasn't true so he wouldn't have power to influence in later elections.

  16. Yes I agree taxes should be a lot lower, 1% seems a fair number.

  17. Funny how the answer to every problem is always tax the middle class

  18. I mean it's a pretty broad definition of culture

  19. Get this sow a meal plan and a gym membership. Crying doesn’t shed lbs, sister 💅🏿

  20. Gonna need some fries to replace that lost tears sodium. NOW

  21. I think your giving her a little too much credit. What if she’s not faking it and that line “he squeeze my belly” really spoke to her. I wish her well.

  22. Hearing the justification for this was wild

  23. You only gonna meet two types of people at the holocaust museum

  24. 🍼 MOMMY 🍼 I 🍼 WANT 🍼 MILK 🍼


  26. Wait they just like have a job posting for mayor?

  27. "We have the entire contents of your phone, your lawyer sent it to us"

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